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Hi All,

Chasing a set of AR Kits 45 class bogies.


After a Far North Hobbies 3900 class kit.

PM if you can assist.


[quote="B 82"]
Hi allis there anyone who would want to sell some ILM HOn30 rolling stock,i dont care if their built or unbuilt,if you do have some could you please PM me.
Regrads Alasdair
[ ...

FOR SALE2 x Tillig dual gauge points (left and right). HO/HOn3.5 on the straight HOn3.5 left/right. Never been used still in the packet. Just as a note, I could be wrong but from looking at them they ...

QSC wagon would be my other QLX related guess... although I'm still holding out hope for a cattle wagon.

I'll throw a guess out at a KOJX steel cattle wagon... if I'm correct they were converted from QLX underframes. They ran all over the state in long rakes so you could definately sell them in packs of ...

Hi all,Just looking for some guidence here as I'm very new to live steam.I'm looking at buying the castings that Hobby Mechanics supply for the BB18 1/4 in 5" and getting the loco built by a friend.A ...

I think you may have misinterperated the intent of the post.  The PBR DH has detail differences to the QR version which has been promised but nor delivered.

 They are tough enough, and have thinner  ...

Possibly not the thread for it but in any case.

Perhaps the blog could have been slightly less pointed/blunt. The points raised in it however were valid and definately should be taken seriously. I do ...

I'm not sure if your aware but Far North Hobbies does a DH in brass and Wuiske Models does one in urethane (which has been updated to a one piece shell since release)Having had quiet a bit of work don ...

PM sent RE 7x Millaquin Mill 5ton Cane bin kits (HOn2.5)

Roachie which gear puller do you have? I've been looking on the NWSL site and they have about 3 different types so I wasn't sure which one to get?Al, nothings ever been simple has it. I completely und ...

Not sure if this is any help but I measured it up.The gear has 14 teeth. Outside diameter of approx. 6.5mm and fits over an approx. 2mm axle.Having said that at a closer look it appears removing the w ...

Hi all,Currently have a few old K&M mechs with cracked axle gears and was wondering is there anything that can be done to replace them? They're a mixture of HO and HOn3.5 mechs.Ideally would anyon ...

Im after a Colonial Models HOn3.5 BB18 1/4 kit, if anyone could help out it would be muchly appreciated as Im trying to track one down for a birthday present.

PM me if you can help.

Thanks in ad ...

Posted 01 Nov 2011 16:08 in Queensland by LSB10

Thanks for that I havent tried QR themselves yet so I'll definately give them a ring.

As for price I know QR sells their wagons off at scrap value so I'd imagine Id be looking in the region of $30 ...

Posted 27 Oct 2011 21:22 in Queensland by LSB10

Hey all,

Im not sure if this is the right place to put this... there isnt really a specific thread for it as far as I can tell.

Basically Im after a guards van/camp wagon timber/steel or even a  ...

Hi all,

Im looking for a BB18 1/4, C17, DD17 and PB15 in HOn3.5, preferably as a kit. If anyone can help out with any of these that would be greatly appreciated.


Hey all,

After any of the following HOn3.5 QR steam locos


C17 (either original or sedan cab)

BB18 1/4


I know PGC does versions rtr of the PB15 and C17 but I was in need of them  ...

Firstly Adam and Jade congrats on the project it looks amazing and I honestly cant wait to put mine together. Ill be very keen to see what your next steam loco kit is going to be.

If I do have any  ...

Hey all,

I'm about to start assembling a PB15 kit, I think it was put out by either Ron Fox or 3ft 6 models through The Turntable about 15 years ago. Anyway I was wondering if anyone had assembled  ...

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