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The only negative is a minor visual impact of a bridge

The benefits far outweighs that small negative

I’m annoyed they have been choosing rail under lately. That would have been an opportunity to create open space underneath and improve connectivity

We already have evidence, I have posted many photos of #skyrail on twitter comparing the difference between the two methods. Trenches are quite terrible as they create large concrete scars. Unfortunat ...

[quote=Rossco T][quote]Anti Skyrail are still floating around on Twitter, supported by David Davis, but they're just banging on same old drum but not making much impression even there



This reminds me of the resistance to bus reform. Many people will gain by making the routes more direct and logical. However the small group that are used to the indirect and craggy routes will resist ...

Survey details


From Union road it looks there is a small dip. Even if the area is quite high I am sure it will be able to climb these gradients. It also won’t affect neighbouring properties as much as the narrow c ...

[quote=True Believers]Looks like these level crossings are the next to go soon. Geotechnical works are underway, I'm just guessing planning completed by mid/late 2020, and construction may happen btw ...

I don’t want to get to off topic but extending 48 would be great for the north east. Lots of shopping areas along there with counter peak flows to Doncaster shopping centre and provided you get a bo ...

Good point maybe the community can organise a fundraiser as they should put their money where their mouth is.

[quote=ngarner][quote]Is it possible to retain and repurpose the box in the form of bike parking like they did in Glen Iris.[/quote]Only if it loses its roof according to one diagram I saw, probably o ...

Is it possible to retain and repurpose the box in the form of bike parking like they did in Glen Iris.

Search found 12 matches

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