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Posted 28 Oct 2016 11:13 in General by Lord-Data

[quote=Tibby]I know its an old post but would like to see this developed.

FYI There are not legal issues in receiving any radio emission, its what you do with it that may attract interest and that de ...

I've attached a photo below showing what I saw. This was just past the Range Road bridge at Whittingham. A whole line of coal wagons, loaded, heading towards Newcastle, but at the head, no locos!
Giv ...

Thank you very much for the info, much appreciated Smile

The wagons were stabled in Carsons neck (dead end arrival road). Train prepared and loaded this morning as AS176, departed mine 1145hrs. Been stabled since 17th.Thanks for the details and information, ...

I've been past the CHPP/Coal loader at the Austar Collier/Bellbird/Pelton mine, and noticed that there is a pair of EL class loco's with no cars sitting just beyond the coal loader. Is this because o ...

Posted 06 May 2012 21:32 in News by Lord-Data

[quote="Driver killed in coal train collision"]A person has died after a collision between a coal train and a car near Singleton in the New South Wales Hunter Valley coalfields.
Police say shortly aft ...

Posted 17 Mar 2012 20:01 in Railway Archaeology by Lord-Data


Posted 23 Feb 2012 12:26 in New South Wales by Lord-Data

Fuel shed for Xstrata.Ahh, thanks for the info. Is Bulga the only XCN site getting this facility, or will there be others? Does this suggest there is any XRN presence at the Bulga Site/XCN Corp site,  ...

Posted 22 Feb 2012 23:07 in New South Wales by Lord-Data

Odd question I suppose, but there is a new shed/building being built on site at Bulga Coal that spans the rail line. Does anyone know what this is?Thanks,

Obviously in fenced areas the fence should be the limit, but curious what a drivers opinion is when foamers/photographers get too close to the lines. In unfenced/open access areas, how close is too cl ...

When signalling infrastructure is removed or replaced, what happens to the old equipment? Rail crossing lights, for example, do they get refurbished and re-used elsewhere, or disposed of?An example w ...

Posted 29 Jan 2012 22:45 in General by Lord-Data

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned in this thread... Probably because it isn't related to train tracking Wink lolI've seen it on other threads however, the key differe ...

ok, this is one of those stupid hypothetical questions :)Now I know most modern diesel freight (coal) trains are diesel electric, and that most of the sound you hear from the laboring is from the gen ...

Posted 10 Jan 2012 19:11 in General by Lord-Data

This is a privately owned railway, and there are no "timetables" as such. One of the Newcastle regulars here could tell you the pattern for the coal trains, and the system of safeworking precludes two ...

Posted 09 Jan 2012 22:16 in General by Lord-Data

Would that be part of the network john holland now look after? cant fint timetables at present thoughThanks for that. I had no idea to even think of a different body than ARTC runn ...

Posted 09 Jan 2012 21:37 in General by Lord-Data

The ARTC schedules are available to the general public, go to: click on the operations menu and select MTP (there's a new one starting on Jan 15). 


Th ...

Posted 09 Jan 2012 20:35 in General by Lord-Data

The artc timetables is the best that is available at the moment but I, like many others, would thoroughly enjoy live train tracking. Is this information publically/freely available, or only to people ...

Posted 11 Nov 2011 23:37 in New South Wales by Lord-Data

I must be blind then, or just really bad timing to have never seen one before now Smile lol!

Posted 11 Nov 2011 23:34 in New South Wales by Lord-Data

So if they're going to carrington, they'd still have to pass through singleton -> branxton, etc, wouldn't they?

Posted 11 Nov 2011 23:23 in New South Wales by Lord-Data

Just looked it up, sure is Smile

I take it these trains don't typically travel further towards the coast, I've not seen this livery around before, but rarely travel to/past muswelbrook, normally around ...

Posted 11 Nov 2011 23:12 in New South Wales by Lord-Data

Indeed. Doesn't seem to like embedding picasaweb.

The album is here:

Posted 11 Nov 2011 23:07 in New South Wales by Lord-Data


Odd question, but this one I don't recognise. Out and about in NSW/Hunter region this afternoon taking train pics as I saw them, and came across this one. I couldn't get very close, so apologies ...

Anyone got a link to EITHER of these 2 videos in a downloable/keepable format? (ie, somethign I can put on my phone to watch while travelling!)

Looking to get a decent camera, but don't have the budget for a new/recent model camera, but thinking about it, older model Canon EOS's seem to be on ebay for ~$300 with lens, etc, 6MP. This would be  ...

Out of sheer curiosity, what would a loco like this even sell for anyway?

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