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Posted 18 Jan 2015 19:37 in Victoria by MD

How do you increase the N Class HP without increasing its weight?

Any increase in axle load, and the loco is back to 115 KMH maximum speed.

I really despair at times at some of these threads.

Regardless of whether Mildura needs or does not need a passenger service, there is no point whatsoever

arguing about it here, simply because no on ...

And why would the Vic Govt or the Federal Govt want to do this, given that neither Govts are awash with spare cash.

Where is the cost benefit analyses of these projects?

Can you provide any links to ...

More Railfan wishful thinking.

Just who is going to foot the bill for a line from Mildura to Broken Hill, not to mention who is going to foot the

bill for guage converting the Mildura line?

Dream o ...

How do double stacked trains get thru the Bunbury st tunnel?

Whether a line justifies a lot of money being spent on it is largely dependant on how many freight trains use the line

as they largely pay the most in track access fees to keep the line maintained.


Posted 05 Dec 2014 12:31 in General by MD

The Australian dollar will keep falling which is what the RBA wants and will make Australian exporters more competetive.

It will also discourage people from buying everything from China which doesnt  ...

Posted 02 Dec 2014 14:49 in General by MD

Who is the Website intended for ?

Certainly not railfans , unless you happen to be one of ARTCs customers.

Why doesnt the powerful coalition  of companies build the railway line.

Ive always been fan of people who put their money where their mouths are.

Any idiot can suggest that the Govt should build it.

You would have to offer at least what their scrap value is , and thats approx $100 a tonne.

So try around $7000 minimum.

If ARTCs losses are $500 million a year, that means that its track access charges are waaay too low.

So why not raise the charges to at least break even.

As for privatising ARTC, what does ARTC actu ...

Anyone remember the Yes Minister Nation Integrated Transport Policy episode?

Posted 27 Nov 2014 16:58 in ACT by MD

Asking people if they support something like light rail, is pointless if no explanation is given as to how the project gets paid for.

Nothing is free, but if the people arnt made aware of how somethi ...

Paying off the $916 million debt would be a better use for the dividend.

Posted 21 Nov 2014 14:30 in Victoria by MD

Again comparing apples with oranges.

The train will be faster than the car only if you live right next to a railway station, and you happen to work right next to a railway station thats on the same l ...

Posted 21 Nov 2014 10:33 in General by MD

The Iron Ore price is nothing more than simple supply / demand economics and has nothing to do with the Govt.

Too many companies  now producing Iron Ore and falling demand.

Not much the Govt can do  ...

What does the Minister for the Hunter, whoever that is , have to do with train manufacturing jobs?

Do either of the tenderers have any money?

The tenderer has to foot the bill for reopening the line.

Posted 15 Nov 2014 13:05 in Operators by MD

AN , like all other Govt railways ran its passenger trains at a loss.

The fares didnt even cover 30% of the running costs, which was still better than the State railways.

GSR or any private rail ope ...

Any proposal to introduce any new rail service anywhere, MUST have consideration of the costs of doing it.

Unfortunately, Railfans seem to think that money grows on trees, and Govts have an endless b ...

Posted 12 Nov 2014 16:34 in News by MD

We have never tried the US model, because in the US , the rail operators OWN the tracks outright.

None of the so called privatizations here have ever sold the tracks, they have only been leased which ...

Its not a cost effective option at all.

Whats the capital cost of a 3 car vlocity which is effectively going to be captive between Ararat and Horsham.

Its 116 km from Ararat to Horsham, so around 1  ...

Posted 11 Nov 2014 14:18 in Operators by MD

Dream on.

GSR , unlike Countrylink actually has to make a profit , and charge fares which actually cover the trains running costs.

The private sector cant compete against a Govt subsidised monopoly. ...

Who would conduct the feasability study?

On what basis would it be determined that a train was feasable, if the Govt simply says we wont fund it?

Govts do NOT have to fund trains.

Railfans unfortun ...

What could a feasability study come up with?

Ultimately, for a train to be returned beyond Ararat, some one will have to meet the running costs and I bet

the Councils wont be offering to do that.

S ...

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