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Let's hope everyone riding trains over this bridge is first vaccinated and tests negative before they board.

It seems all the remaining mechanical bells are Westinghouse hybrids. How close the the pitch of these bells to the musical note G in some octave?

It's a pity, but LNVG is one of the many operators in Europe that is ordering double decker trains and many are ordering double decker multiple units, something pioneered in Sydney, yet some say doubl ...

Posted 14 Mar 2021 17:22 in News by Myrtone

Stop all conversion of any part of the suburban network to metro with smaller trains with less floor space and fewer seats.

Is metro really right for a city that developed late enough to bring heavy ...

Posted 09 Mar 2021 21:15 in The Lounge by Myrtone

[quote=billybaxter]And for Australians who want to go for an overseas for business or pleasure? Surely you'd accept that they should be forced to be vaccinated or go into quarantine complete with the ...

Posted 07 Mar 2021 17:44 in Trams and Light Rail by Myrtone

Seeing this thread, I think of the fact that the premier who cancelled celebrations has previously allowed the worst thing of all in relation to the spread of a virus; mismanagement of hotel quarantin ...

[quote=Dangersdan707]Sydney is an older highly developed city.

Smaller Trains are fine, the high Frequency compensates for it.

I'm All for it. Frees up space on exisiting lines, creates new hi ...

Is anyone here still opposed to expansion of a network with smaller trains typically running underground? Metro originated in older cities that were heavily developed by that time.

Are smaller train ...

Use buses with mid length doors and limit the passengers from seating in the front row.
Maybe an interim thing but separating the driver's air circulation and all seats being ...

So those going into quarantine need to be transported into quarantine hotels somehow. But quarantine bus drivers need to be treated more like medical staff and it would be a good idea if the driver's  ...

Posted 01 Oct 2020 23:24 in Railway Photography by Myrtone

[quote=Graham4405]Based on this statement and your replies above you want photos from exactly 20 years ago? So today we should post photos from 01/10/2000, tomorrow we should post photos from 02/10/20 ...

Posted 01 Oct 2020 19:42 in Railway Photography by Myrtone

So first it will be January to September of the year 2000, then it will be like photos from ten years ago on a blog called Waking Up in Geelong.

Posted 01 Oct 2020 16:37 in Railway Photography by Myrtone

Perhaps in another thread because they would be from the 1990s.

Posted 01 Oct 2020 16:32 in Railway Photography by Myrtone

If you have been taking railfan photos for at least 20 years, how about posting photos from 20 years ago? If you have your own blog, you might want to consider posting them there.

Interesting to see more freight trams, could there even be some quadruplication of some sections of the network so that freight trams can pass stationary passenger trams?

Would anyone here like to share such photos, especially if taken in the pre-digital era? Scans need to be from the original negatives if taken on colour negative film, or from the original slides if t ...

Some provincial cities once had electric trams, all now have since closed with an exception for a section of track in Ballarat for a museum service and a single line in Bendigo used for a tram tour. A ...

Just goes to show how successful DVD has been (and still is) and how poorly Blu-ray has performed in comparison.
If anyone wants to buy a new DVD player today, surely they ...

Sales are so bad that Samsung and LG have both stopped production of new model Blu-ray hardware. They had 52% market share between them.

Okay, so plenty of Blu-ray playe ...

Blu-ray has been around for over a decade, is it more expensive than DVD was back in 2005?

I checked out the preview on Vimeo and it is fuzzy and blurry with some film specks. How about even remastering the old footage from the original negatives and re-releasing it on Blu-ray?

[quote=Carnot]A lot of American TV was shot on 30 fps film. Both 16 and 35mm. Hence when it's frame interpolated to 25 fps (50i in broadcast), it can look different. NTSC video likewise from 60i to 50 ...

Posted 06 Jul 2020 22:42 in General by Myrtone

I know trains generally operate under a signalled environment but I don't understand why track brakes are absent from trains. Without them, trains often can't stop within line of sight and track brake ...

Most motion picture film was pretty slow (ie. Typically ISO 50 - 200). ISO 50 is generally able to resolve to HD, ISO 200 quite grainy.
All motion picture film was surely fast eno ...

Posted 06 Jul 2020 18:52 in General by Myrtone

As said already by YMM, the same safety issues apply.
Here's some food for thought, drivers of larger and heavier road vehicles are subject to higher expectations that dri ...
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