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I was just wondering whether Aurizon, PN or Freightliner, or even SSR would offer high school work experience for a locomotive driver or related job in NSW ????


Posted 23 Jan 2016 22:14 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by NR58

No they cant get rid of the C Class !Crying or Very sad

Thanks SinickleBird i'll have to do so, I was lucky enough to capture two at the Gulgong Station by fluke chance that I was there at the time. Laughing

H3 is the current shunter at Forrestfield, it will be a shame to see these go...if they do ! I'm not sure what I'd rather see the X class or the H class put to use

Will they just be shunting in Perth or will they also shunt at other places as well ??

:PNice. Good to see them put to use instead of being stored and scrapped

Posted 23 Jan 2016 21:01 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by NR58

Yeah Pressman you would be more right than me lol. It was a stupid joke Laughing

Posted 23 Jan 2016 16:51 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by NR58

Transvolution ?????

Is there anyway I could find out when these diverted intermodals will be running through Gulgong because there are excellent photo oppurtunitues there ! Very Happy

Thanks for your help guys, answered all my question's !

Posted 23 Jan 2016 14:31 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by NR58

I wonder if there is a new operator on the rise !

What about the sporadically operated ones ??

Twice last year (2015) I experienced two 3BA5 intermodals arrive into Gulgong Station and change crews, which was a great opportunity to take pictures, the first being in June with NR23/NR35 arriving  ...

What would be the best way to find out when grain trains are running throughout NSW (without having to ring or email the companies) and what days and times they run. Info on the Central West and West  ...

Just wondering....What locomotives are based at Aurizon's Narngulu East Depot (how many locomotives, what classes and is there anything stored there) ???

Cheers, NR58

Yes I can georges, thanks mate !

Has the last train ran to Charbon coal mine yet ????? Confused

It is great news hopefully they get enough people so it was worth the work. It would be nice if revenue services returned to this line Razz

Thanks for your help guys, does anyone else know about any other diesel locomotives that are not availible at AlcoWorld.

Does anyone know where I could obtain diesel locomotive technical manuals (similar to the ones on Alco World) for newer locomotives like the NR Class or CF44aci locomotives Smile
Cheers, NR58

Thanks for your help Bevan Wall, at least we know now. Great videos too thanks Smile

I have also read about lots of rescue missions as of late due to failures with DL class locomotives, imparticularly DL41 !

Yes I have heard about problems with the crankshaft on the DL Class previously, and maybe they have an underlying history of unreliability ??? But as you said Trainplanner, they are good looking and s ...

I just read  in the latest issue of the Motive Power magazine that the use of the 82 class on the Griffith-Melbourne intermodals could be a step towards the retirement of the last remaining DL Class l ...

Posted 18 Jan 2016 14:44 in Sightings by NR58

I agree with Frddunc, but these are not always reliable.  Freight Trains have came hours after the timetable has stated for no particular reason ??? But if it is passenger trains you are wishing to sp ...

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