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[quote=Dave46]It will be interesting to see how well it operates, with recharging done at each of the stops.[/quote][b]One answer:[/b] [url=]


So why can't I edit my post to fix the error of the quotes. When I previewed that post, the quotes came out as they should be, but when I submitted it ended up as shown.

I repost it here:

https:// ...

I can't seem to edit in this thread trying to get rid of the space between that quote & my reply:

Where IS this 'West Coast Railway'

The former Westcoast railway that used to run to Warrnambool...or some perhaps outfit in WA Question

The Vinelander ...

None of the above.
Agreed, why on earth would you waste hundreds of thousands of $$$ renaming, etc

Because it's the Armchair Operators.

It should've been called "Wickham Interchange" or "Wickham-Newcastle".

Hawkesbury River --> Brooklyn

Macquarie University --> Macquarie Shops OR Macquarie Centre

High Street --> South  ...

If you're in the Chrome browser, you can't directly go to the Railpage's URL. You need to use "Railpage Australia" as a search term. And similar to the Edge browser.

I got a notification that has the time of 07:36 this morning for this topic, but if their was, it's not showing.

Can confirm that the XPL is gutless compared to XPT.   Have caught the END between kiama and nowra and it can barely get past 100km/h between the stops.

But are able to go fa ...

The government have gone against their own Cabinet Paper No. 71 advice - but we know it's all about one thing.

I hope this link works.

05:03 Wickham - Central weekday express

Click on

Note, if you ...

Fe-fi-fo-fum do I smell a state election in Queensland?

So if she was REALLY serious, then why didn't she do this just AFTER she got elected & not try to use it a political spi ...

Diesel trains can be just as fast as electric trains these days. As someone else said, nothing more than media "rubbish".

It ain't a new service, as Andrew Constance would make you believe with his political spin. You will find the same service in older timetables.

BUT how can  ...

Thy shall believith it when thou shalt seeith it!

Vital seat for the government I guess?!

I'd edit the other post, but I doubt it would work at the moment.

Gee, how many more times do I have to press on the NSW section to open it. Been a few hours so far.

This post seems okay, but Railpage was running very slow a few moments ago.

Edit: Make that that it submitted very slowly.

Perhaps NSW Trainlink changed the cars around?

Posted 20 Sep 2017 22:59 in Sydney Suburban by Newcastle Express

Is their an equivalent for "set down" or "sets down only" please?

Edit-2: And how do you get a female voice for the indicator choice?

Edit-1: The text needs to be bit bigger.

Need we say anymore?!

[quote=tom9876543][b]600 metres[/b] from the existing Port Adelaide station?

I must assume Port Adelaide is a [b]very marginal[/b] electorate and the government is buying vot ...

Don't tell me Ethan is serious about this?

But Ethan their is a solution: T.Y.O.!

Posted 24 Apr 2017 06:09 in New South Wales by Newcastle Express

^^ Let's do the double up arrow to refer to Ethan's post, saves on something

This if for a Warners Bay to Charlestown example, not Ethan's example.

Hunter Valley Buses (HVB) h ...

Did I see that she WILL make an official complaint to V/Line?

If that is so, then why did she "run" to the media before trying to find out what happened?

Excuse me, bloomin' strange quoting on this board. It auto included resizing, colour tags for some reason. Okay let's try that again, after taking time to delete those tags.

Posted 11 Apr 2017 13:40 in New South Wales by Newcastle Express

[i](Now to find those parts I need to & put two parts in one quote - Next time I leave them as two separate quotes, much easier)[/i]


The CTT was based on the then very popular R ...

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