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Posted 09 Nov 2020 09:10 in Victoria by PE2010

[quote=Djebel][quote]Plastic sleepers are yet to be proved as suitable for mainline freight are they not?[/quote]They never will be proven one way or the other if nobody ever installs them and runs so ...

Cost and program blowout seem to be the norm.

Dodgy dealings seem to be the new norm too!

Posted 03 Jun 2020 22:26 in Victoria by PE2010

Portland line open from 28th May, 2020.  Notice on ARTC site.

Reopened at 40km/h.

Wonder what will be the first train for a while?

Posted 30 May 2020 10:22 in Victoria by PE2010

The existing old bridge is remaining I heard - who's going to put in the money to maintain it ?  It might be old and now heritage listed but I'm not sure whether it's worth keeping.

Posted 27 May 2020 16:40 in Victoria by PE2010

[quote=Bonzel][quote]Maryborough has a working No 3 road that's operational and No 2 is there but unsure if operational yet. There just hasn't been the volume of trains yet to truly test the limited c ...

[quote=EmrldPhoenix][quote]I am losing track of all of this......................................Embarassed[/quote]

Here is how I'm keeping track. ...

Posted 24 May 2020 12:43 in Victoria by PE2010

Is the incomplete half of this project (Manangatang, Sea Lake) getting any funding for completion?

Posted 18 May 2020 22:25 in Melbourne suburban by PE2010

Sections of the Glen Waverley and Belgrave lines had fresh ballast laid this month. Several mud hole have already appeared.

Job done already for MTM and money claimed. Ther ...

[quote=jakar][quote]Any talk of brand new billion dollar rail lines and tunnels should be thrown out the window.[/quote]Couldn't agree more. It does my head in coming on RP and seeing all the armchair ...

Posted 13 May 2020 14:08 in Melbourne suburban by PE2010

Hi everyone. Does anyone know if Metro is obligated to service or maintain the ballast on a regular basis? Any info would be great. Thank you

They send out the tampers every  ...

Posted 01 Nov 2019 08:39 in Victoria by PE2010

[quote=david harvey] I observed was that temperary fencing that was erected along the alignment,on both sides across the paddocks ,down the river bank ,through the water across the river,up the riv ...

Posted 21 Oct 2019 08:34 in Victoria by PE2010


$460,000 spent on 384 km = $1,200 / km ie about 5 sleepers / km. No wonder the result was, shall we say, less than spectacularly successful.

The whole thing is bureaucratic/ ...

Posted 22 Jul 2019 08:20 in Victoria by PE2010

[quote=kitchgp]Is there any sign of work starting on the new Avon River bridge? It is supposed to start in 2019 and be completed in early 2021 (with the usual get out clause 'subject to planning and e ...

They might still add on the other two crossings to the works as a variation. Just like when north road Ormond was announced and then McKinnon and center were added.

That artist impression of Toorak Road rail bridge surely has exaggerated the ramp angle ? Looks unusually sharp!

Posted 09 Feb 2019 21:28 in Victoria by PE2010

Does anyone know when Mannangatang and Sea Lake line works starting? Will there be any loops put in between Emu and Ararat now that trains are taking the longer route ?

Not an expert in signal signage but there are a few stop signs on the diagram.

Does that mean the junction is not fully signalised or is the intention to use manual signalling for some moves at this  ...

[quote=DalyWaters]Those who believe that the problem is that the west line was neglected by Victoria before being handed over to ARTC need to explain why so many restrictions and mudholes exist on the ...

Electrify the section and pass it to Metro to manage. Vline can keep the frieght and regional lines.

I believe that's what they are slowly doing on the Ballarat Corridor ?  Deer Park, Rockbank, Me ...

There used to be excuses for not having enough work for a broad gauge DTS. Now that the track is standardised, there should be easy access to one that does the job properly. I remember watching one do ...

What's the progress on Maryborough Ararat at the moment?

I see a lot of workers everywhere along the line still. I thought it's open 2 weeks ago?

Is it upgraded to 80km/h yet ?

Posted 06 Apr 2017 15:13 in Victoria by PE2010

Seek and ye shall find:

What's the roster like working reasonably remotely from civilisation?

Sounds like a big job

I'm a bit skeptical of the whole thing - I don't think $300M will get you much built in Victoria these days.


I think level crossing removals are important in terms of improving safety and other benefits but I'm saying existing tracks upgrade and maintenance do not get anywhere near as much focu ...

I think no wonder who runs the train the service and the breakdowns will remain as is unless substantial investment comes from State government into upgrading and maintaining an ancient network. I don ...

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