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Hi Bethungra,

That is fine, thanks for doing that.


Hi Bevans,

Thats an excellent idea.


Hi all,

I am currently working on a Google Site with a mostly complete Steamrail Victoria rolling stock register. The website can be found at ...

Posted 10 Jan 2015 19:53 in Melbourne suburban by PICHhobbies


According to an old thread on VR Parcels van, 10CM was allocated to the ARHS museum and 2CM to Steamrail. As a Steamrail volunteer, I have not heard or seen anything about either 10CM or 2CM, a ...

[color=#000000][size=3][font=Times New Roman]This is what I have put on my blog so far. I had to delete that one and start again using a new username as my old username was hacked.[/font][/size][/colo ...

New email address and name.

Name- VR Kits and Models


Can you clarify if you're running this enterprise as a hobby or a registered business with ABN/ACN.
Poath Junction

Hi Poath,

This is just as a hobby for myself and a friend to do in ...


The name has been changed to VR Kits and Models. For special inquiries and other questions use the email

Follow on facebook at

W ...

Hi Blacksmith,

As i said, I will not take full orders until I have a finished product and images, I am just seeing who is interested and therefore how many I should make once the model is finished. ...

Oh, ok I will have to change it then

Also, PICH Hobbies is changing its name. We are now VR Models.

The prototype version of the Twinette is being printed as I type. I will post images when it is finished, and then when I have assembled it. At the moment, I only have the basic car, I will work on th ...

At the moment, I am a third of the way through the Twinette sleeper. I am expecting the master to be ready within a week.


Hi Paul,

With the previous items, the program I was using to design them turned out dodgy on the 3D printers when I tried printing anything larger than a nameboard. I have since fixed the problem,  ...

I am anouncing a new product currently under development. The products are Overland coach kits. While Trainbuilder have done the Overland in 10 car configuration, I thought I would do a kit version, w ...


I may take Matt's approach, as I know myself it is easy to remove bogies and the motor, I took the whole X apart for a major service not too long ago. Matt, some pictures would be greatly appre ...

Ok thanks.

Hi all,

While looking for a replacement chassis for my Lima S class, I noticed on Mark Bau's site that the X class was effectively an S class with redesigned body. This led me to the question, is i ...

I am currently making some Overland coaches, using Lima Overland coaches as the base. If anyone has diagrams for the following cars could you please PM them to me-






Club Car

Sle ...

[quote=dthead]I just remembered I should read the title. Maldon in 1956. Were there J's around then ?

To me tha above point is not important really. But just interesting in a abstract way.

At the ...

Hi ARodH

That is absolutely correct, however the Trainbuilder one is a fair bit outside my budget. I have also started sleeper laying, and have layed the first 2 turnouts and a third of the No.3 ro ...

Hi David and The Railway Dog,

I have now decided to make it a scale 53', which will allow for just under 1mm on either end of an SEM J. I am also going down to Maldon tomorrow, and I will take the  ...

Hi All,

I am looking for information on whether it is easy/possible to convert a Hornby GWR Castle into a VR D3. While it is in OO scale, the width seems correct when checked against my Austrains X ...

No, the Roco model is F202. Sorry, I haven't put all the bits and pieces on it yet.



That is strange, as the catalog ...

At the moment, I have 100 figures and 70 LED lights on order from Ebay, along with an American passenger car. The american coach will be dissected and a large amount of parts used for various projects ...

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