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Absolutely going to model the Interail coalie!

Btone - Motivepower for the Interail coal trains were generally 423/422/train/421 or L/EL triple header.

On my future QR layout that will a ...

Awesome, I was hoping that it was only a preproduction issue. Thanks.

Poath Junction; I want to get both of the Interail L's, however, can you tell me if your production run models still have the FRONT on the dynamic brake blister?

Fair enough.

Thanks Toby re L271.

So with "the rest to come soon" technically they haven't being delivered so one would assume the pre-order price should still be applicable for those models still in productio ...

Has anyone got any photos of SRM's Interail L271?

Just wondering if they did it with the John Douglas Kerr name?

Great update as per usual. The double track mainline will great for rail fanning, however all those industries to shunt are going to be awesome. I'll take a shunt job any day!

Awesome! Thanks for the update.

Pretty sure they run them on their east coast trains?

Re their RMX, I hope they do the QR National ones too. Judging by the artwork perhaps their not.

Hi all,

I am chasing a couple of extra packs of the Southern Rail Models QR VGK grain wagons.

If anyone has any packs they would like to sell, could you please PM me?

Thank you.

I don't need any car carriers, but can't wait for Auscision to make an announcement on the road cars to go with them.

Obviously they'll do makes of that era, but I hope to God they also produced la ...

Well, I'm glad SRM have finally shown tooling for the 2300 Class;  shows that the models have actually progress further along the line a bit more on the development path rather than just some CAD draw ...

Great news about the 2400's Wuiske's, pitty about the SRM double up, however the 1550's are a proven product, extremely well detailed and priced. The 2400's will no doubt continue the 1550 success. Lo ...

Thanks LaidlayM for your constructive response. Sometimes a short cut isn't really that short. 8)


Correction then; use a dual gauge Shinohara point that is 16.5mm/10mm gauge; pull it apart to move the 10mm rail over 2mm so it makes 12mm!

For my eventual QR layout, I will need about 6 dual gauge points. The idea of building them from scratch, even using a Fast Tracks jig, makes me curl up in the fetal position!

So I was just thinkin ...

Surely you didn't really mean that?

No you didn't!

Edit "them"

To the Wuiske Team, these models are absolutely outstanding and just goes to show modelling the Queensland prototype has taken another giant leap forward.

The detail is exquisite, just love the lit ...

[quote=Poath Junction]And for those who love a hunt for cryptic clues, there's 6 of them at [url= Locomotive.htm] ...


basically their is not much available. The die cast ones are too heavy and to my mind ugly as well. They are only rough representations The larger car carriers carry 8 motor veh ...

So who else is looking at getting one?

Well goes without saying for me, both Interail models for me, including sound! Smile
Also, possibly one of the PN liveried on ...

Adam, out of curiosity, how robust are these models? Are they fragile?

Also, how heavy are the bogies on their own, and the say the overall weight of the grain wagon? ...

That's f#@king awesome! Shocked8)

I know where there is a little loco that could pull that wagon!!!!Wink

any feedback to see if we need to release to other wheel diameters.  
Laser Rail Bits
A HOn3.5 jig would be great too!

The Lander MAL First Class Sitting Coach is now available!
Jade Wuiske
Another sweet Lander car there Adam & Jade; however the Sunlander I rode on a couple years ago didn't have a MAL i ...
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