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Posted 06 Aug 2020 02:03 in The Lounge by Radioman

Hello Al,

regarding Michaelgm's above Twitter replay re $40m authorised spending after caretaker mode. A convention is just that, and nothing more.It is not L A W, and therefore can, and was, and w ...

Hello All,

further to my last comments, the following website may be of interest,

[color=#000000][size=4][font=Helvetica]([/font][/size][/color][url=] ...

[quote=duttonbay][quote]Is "Tyers tablet" the "Electric Tablet" system that saw limited use in Victoria?[/quote]

The VR used Tyers No.5 Tablet (after a very brief flirtation with the No 1 version). T ...

Hello All,

the election of the Whitlam Government was a breath of fresh air. The Coalition had got stale and lazy. The Country Party under Anthony, Nixon and Sinclair was adrift when compared to Bl ...

Posted 08 Jun 2020 02:41 in The Lounge by Radioman

Hello All,

re the current National Anthem "Advance Australia Fair" and Bruce Woodley's  "I am Australian" ( "We are One, we are many..."). Personally , I prefer "I am Australian"to  be our National ...

Hello All,

the VR steam S class Pacific's were scrapped as they were beyond repair, and that is according to a fitter who worked on them at Seymour,

Regards, Radioman

Hello Don and Others,

as the ABC's Medical Reporter Dr Norman Swan has pointed out, a successful Covid-19 response means that not much appears to be happening, conversely, if a lot is happening, th ...

Hello All,

it was said of Billy Hughes that he drew the line by not joining the Country Party ! Ming the Merciless ( Menzies ) made Hasluck both PM and GG to prevent Hasluck becoming PM. And Tiberi ...

Hello All,

in more recent years I have been a regular purchaser of AMRM as I think its content and photos are quite good.

Although I am primarily interested in the British prototype, I do have  ...

Posted 22 Feb 2020 22:46 in The Lounge by Radioman

[quote=M636C][quote][quote]Interesting read

[url=] ...

Posted 22 Feb 2020 22:32 in The Political Soapbox by Radioman

[quote=ANR]Ivanka is eligible. She has mingled with leaders of the G7, and IMF. Has rubbed shoulders with royalty, and if one image is to be believed, she even had her own moon landing. Her husband wo ...

[quote=RTT_Rules][quote][quote]It's even worse when you look at the future situation for SSR as only two of their 61 locomotives will meet the criteria

[url= ...

Posted 23 Sep 2019 02:42 in The Lounge by Radioman

[quote=mejhammers1]The point is that Teresa May's withdrawal agreement has been agreed to by the 27 countries of the EU Boris Johnson and his cronies want full membership benefits without the adoption ...

Posted 23 Sep 2019 02:33 in The Lounge by Radioman

[quote=don_dunstan]I thought I'd keep yet another discussion about Aussie politics here...

Gladys Liu, Liberal MP for Chisholm, has said in the past that she's never-ever had links to the Chinese C ...

Posted 22 Jun 2019 05:04 in The Lounge by Radioman

Hello All,

1 / the Trade Unions established, and have consistently funded the ALP.

2 / the Trade Unions generally support ALP MPs both financially and with volunteers. ( As also do non TU ALP me ...

Hello All,

escalators, being moving machinery with uneven and varying impacts over a period of time, will have a limited lifetime. Southern Cross at Spencer St opened in 2006, which is 13 years ago ...

Posted 22 Jun 2019 03:58 in The Lounge by Radioman


I think the clear advantage of Fraser holding a general election after being appointed PM is that his leadership and that of the Liberal party in govt was basically Rubber ...

Posted 21 Jun 2019 02:20 in The Lounge by Radioman

Inability to pass money bills through the parliament.

Refusing to resign after losing confidence of the parliament.


Hello All,

in relation to Justapassenger's commen ...

Posted 08 Jun 2019 02:15 in The Lounge by Radioman

Hello All,

with reference to ANC News item  "Chinese warships depart Sydney Harbour leaving an important strategic lesson" by Messrs Andrew Probyn and Andrew Greene, says , among other things, " .. ...

[quote=loopy]I'm putting this comment in this thread cuz I think it's related to this the most

Last night after 9pm Frankston, Cranbourne, Pakenham line trains terminated at Richmond [yes Richmon ...

Hello Dangersdan707 and others,

the suggestion of rail routes via Afghanistan , Iran and Turkey has long term merit in that it will allow trade through an area whose poor infrastructure pretty much ...

Posted 06 Jun 2019 00:26 in The Lounge by Radioman

Dear Don and others,

thank you Don, while I may not agree with some of your comments, I do like reading them.

If a Keynesian Boost to the economy is to happen, ( agree with Don that this is prob ...

Dear Don and others,

actually , Orwell would be appalled, not proud,

Regards, Radioman

Posted 05 Jun 2019 13:42 in The Lounge by Radioman

Dear Don and others,

when I did High School economics in the late 1960s it used to be the adage that the difference between interest payable on borrowings, and interest earned on savings was 5% aft ...

Posted 04 Jun 2019 04:25 in The Lounge by Radioman

Hello All,

1 / in the news reports I saw the lasers were reported to have come from fishing vessels, allegedly manned, or perhaps not, by militia members , they did not come from PLA-N warships.


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