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If SDS is able to do a re-run of the CL/CLF/CLP then they can put me down for CL 1 John Gorton.

i suppose it depends on whether the original dies are able  to be used.

Hello all,

I am on the lookout for a Powerline Spirit of Progress VRS Buffet Car.

Thanks in advance,


Many thanks for your replies.

I have a roof kit on order for my Lima HGM.

Interestingly, the June 2000 issue of AMRM says that the HGM van was occasionally used on the Southern Aurora in 1969 /  ...

I am interested in modeling the Spirit of Progress as it run in the 70's and 80's but am unable to locate a power van for the model.

I recently participated in a bidding war on EBay for a PHN kit b ...

I spoke with Al Cutmore some time ago. He was answering his phone then.

He had health issues and said he was negotiating the sale of the business.

Nothing has been revealed in AMRM since then so ...

Regarding the Eureka 59 Class. I have had my money down in full for this model for 2 1/2 years now.

Nothing has been heard since about this model. Have any members of this forum heard anything new ...

[quote=a6et][quote]I have the 2013 Austrains catalogue in front of me, on the back cover it notes the Z20 was due in 2013, newsletters of the period indicated the Z20 was being done and the on again o ...

The Austrains web page mentions 4 goods/livestock and a couple of steam locomotives.

The 19 class has been announced but the others are a teaser. I wonder if the 20 class will be one of them?

Posted 02 Oct 2013 13:48 in Model Railways - General Discussions by Robh

Eric will be missed. A great bloke who always had time for a customer and always a willing to give advice.

Could someone advise where I can get a set of the Shell transfers from please.

From my locomotive allotment list dated 1 Jan 68, the only loco's of that ilk were 5333, 5386, 5427 and 5461.
Lithgow had 5179 and 5184 on their books if that helps.

I was a passenger on the IP from Adelaide to Perth in January '76.

We were advised that we were travelling in older cars as there had been a de-railment which had damaged the newer cars. The sellin ...

I too would be happy to have a 20 class.Was there any mention of when the model might be available?

Austrains have anounced the LFX coaches. 49' 3" though.

I have a set of On Track Models HLX vans which are a great looking model. The problem I have is I run 22 inch radius curves and the bogies are binding. From what I can see, the wheel flanges are rubbi ...

The VSX models are indeed impressive.

Was nice to pick up a set of NSW Teal vans at the same time.



Has anyone here built the Ezi Kits 25 Class?

I read the review in AMRM April 2006 issue which gave a good result but, never having built a locomotive kit, how difficult is it for a beginner?

Is  ...

On the subject of RQZY kits, is it reasonable to backdate it to the AN  green era? If so, are there any decals to cover the AN era.

Went past VHC at lunch. Sign saying shop is closed until 1 November for renovations following change of ownership.

I will look forward to more stock being available. The recent run down of stock pr ...

The newsletter tells us of new coaches to follow the FO's.

Any guesses?


Thanks for the lead, I will follow it up.

Why would I want to get rid of the 80 classes now? They run like little clock-work mice and look good pulling most of what I've got.

I am trying to track down 2 sets of Ian Lindsay models 80 class pilots. Unfortunately they aren't made any more so does anyone know where I might be able to source some?

Got to speak with Ron at Collingwood, he thought we would be seeing the 38 between September and Christmas.

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