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Cairn Curran reservoir crossing west of Newstead that was abandoned when the reservoir was flooded and replaced by new higher bridge, perhaps ?

Countryside looks like Loddon Valley anyway.

Obviously Queensland but I know not where.

I will start with a wild guess at Thangool.

The passenger service was so well used when I lived there in 2010, that it was hard to get a booking. That was not in peak times either.

mikesyd can post more if he wants or pass it on to others.

Telford silo no longer has a rail siding and may not be used at all.

Yabba North, then.

Katamatite itself looks like that.

I cant remember the rails but that detail is easily overlooked.

Diggora West perhaps ?

Ok Dan, al yours.

Or another poster if you like.

Margaret River has bushland about it.

Carbanup has bushland around it .  Will that do ?

How about near Karridale ?

From what I noticed almost 10 years ago, there were rather a lot of long trains travelling slowly or stopping on that long section of double track about Stuart.  The single line sections seemed simarl ...

Pretty well had to be that or beyond Dwellingup but I was slack.

Post away - anybody with a pic......

South of Busselton toward Augusta.

The forest does look a bit like a jarrah forest.

Not quite but near enough.  I will say it is that sawmill branch that went southwest from Forrestfield to Jarrahdale or some such place.

Sorry I missed all that. I would have done rather well.


I will say Kywong.

I will say Kywong.

1615 out of Bomaderry sounds like what I worked but this was in the 1980s. 2

I am all guessed out but Forthside is the name of a locality to the North of Barrington.

There are chipping plants located north of Mount Gambiae. Kalangado springs to mind.

I have fond memories of picking up the milk pots at Berry and Gerringong.

I can't remember the train number but it was a pleasant slow trip. Could be a bit difficult shunting that long siding at Ger ...

Eugenana was the eventual terminus of the Don Valley line.

Anyone up for another posting ?

Is Paloona the right name of the spot or was it some more obscure place where it was eventually extended ?

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