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New to this, was just going by the recommended instructions for the 720 assembly. I read that IHC premier series light mikado mechs work with a bit of adjustment. Seeking any model light mikado/advice ...


Seeking an Athearn USRA Light Mikado for a RRM 720 kit!

Anyone knows of any second hand ones floating around locally would be great!

Here are some photos of my attempt to use tile grout to replicate used and abused track in a yard on my under construction SAR style layout. Circa 1960's. excuse my naivety but my iPad wont allow me t ...

Looking for SAR Steel passenger cars

500, 600 or 700 doesn't matter which. seeking at least two.

[quote=HWYRNR1984]The redhen looks great SARenthusiast, but the scenery looks even more interesting. Great to see layouts with a bit of scenery, seems to be very difficult getting past that bare bench ...

Definetly would love to see a kit for the familiar station building used on so many SA stations. Mitcham, Jamestown, hawker, Blackwood, aldgate, mount barker, etc. I'm sure everyone knows what I'm tal ...

Hahaha. South Australian infrastructure. Don't get me started. But no these cracks were accidental and way to big they will be touched up eventually, the layout is only young.

[img][/img][img][ ...

New to this, still cutting my teeth.

Love anything South Australian.

Here's my first attempt  ...

Search found 10 matches

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