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Glad the driver and all 91 passengers on the Rail Motor tour train were not injured. But the truck has tumbled.

I believe NPF621 was leading as 7R05 at the time of the incident.

[img]http://ht ...

Update: The line has been re-opened to traffic at 7:00pm tonight.

Heard the first train go through under an hour ago.



Great work Josh and thanks for sharing.

I wonder why SCT would haul the wagons back to Wodonga area when they could be stored in Wagga Yard or even Albury?


bevans, Thank you he ...

It's confirmed.  C501-T357-S303 are currently en-route from Seymour to Bomen...
That gave me a good excuse to go video the units to re ...

[quote=Graham4405]Last time I was there (19/06/2016) there were large trees growing between the rails in tracks either side of the table, thus it hadn't been used for some time!

[img]http ...

The last 2 footages from last weekend gone with Junee, Cootamundra and  Wagga Wagga's turn to have the shuttle rides behind 3801 before their long trip back home to Thirlmere.

Part 3 - Junee and Co ...

[quote=Booly]Read elseware that 3801 had air compressor problems. Hence 4501 leading.It was apparently always going to be remarshalled to have 4201 trailing to make it faster to clear the main at Pict ...

Great effort and result, thanks for showing!

No worries Graham. Gaven me a good excuse to be out and about.

Wished the sunny weather had some humidity and moisture to make it  ...

Hi steamfreak

I too agree, It did look not right. Yes. Sadly the Albury turntable has been out of commission and the line to it being ripped out. Out of all of it, the chasing was great these past  ...

Busy weekend down in Albury.

Got some footage from yesterday and Thursday's video of 3801's transfer to the border. This one will be part 1 being the transfer run, Part 2 will be premiered on Tuesday ...

Great quizz. Smile

Only scored 90% seeing I got The wheel types wrong and the frequent services for the 38s which I almost thought for sure I had right.


Interesting to compare the livery 3801 wore back then with how the loco compares today.

Bevan Wall

Compare to 2005 and today. Back in 2005 it didn't have the correct NSWGR shade of S ...

Very impressive footage Bevan Wall. Love how central is well organised for this occasion.

good job mate. Smile


Today been videoing over in Junee in Southern New South Wales. Manage to video 8L05 pulling into Junee hauled by LVR's 4204 and 42103 with Bernie Baker in the helm on this tour train. Would've chasen  ...

Absolutely pheominel, Bevan Wall. Your videos never stop to amaze me and with absolute quality.

hopefully one day this may happen in the future. never say never.



Sounds like a good start of the NSW steam season this year. Got that same e-mail too. It will be worth videoing down South here that's for sure..

Nonethless, Thanks for the info. Wink

ssaunders, I hardly think so  while this dreaded pandemic is still lurking around like a bad smell..

But saying that, had a great time last 2 weeks ago to go and see the old girl when the NSW Rail  ...

Steaming today.....
Seriously, I heard that the tests were postponed until february. Where did you get this information from?

Did things suddenly change?
It's legit. ...

G'day gentlemen.

I seen on one of the posts on the  NSWGR Steam Locomotive Fleet group on Facebook (Bookface as I love to call it.) There's a TAA out which now has the date when 3801's going out on ...

[quote=cityrail-rulez]In regards to MSTS, the only reason why it will not work on Windows 10! It's because "as stated above" Direct X 8 and Direct X 9.0c isn't compatible with newer hardware graphics ...

[quote=DCook]The Transport heritage NSW website has not made any updates about anything since it passed it's boiler test (September 6)

Does anyone know what is happening with it or has something gone ...

Thank you kindly gentlemen. Smile
Just an FYI to members here who are also members on the MSTS forums for Australia TapTalk forums.

I updated my comment on there with a Patch v1.1 zip file that fixed ...

Hi members.

I can happily announce that my NSWGR S-Type Compartment steel carriages are now Available on the Coals to Newcastle site.


[color=#000000][size=2][font=Roboto, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Earlier on today, I was doing some coding and research regarding about adding the missing sound onto the Steam Locomotive's .SMS file ...

[quote=cityrail-rubut in Open Rails it seems impossible]If you developers of Open Rails read this please consider adding simple controls to make the sim easier or I will have to find another train sim ...

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