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What's the news of the restart? Hope it's positive Smile

Posted 17 Apr 2014 18:23 in Sydney Suburban by Silver S Set

Hi All,

I see that DCM 8022 and 8027 are at Chullora awaiting their turn to visit the hydraulic claw 13/04/2014.



Where can you see them? I don't know exactly w ...

[quote=Fred Scuttle]Indeed - particularly as there will be another route added in due course - Circular Quay via George Street & Central Railway to Randwick via Surry Hills & Moore Park. As well as th ...

Posted 21 Mar 2014 16:42 in Sydney Suburban by Silver S Set

[quote=piepants]We test them as 4-car sets first, so we refer to them as, for example, set 78A and 78B. This is done with a box attached to the intercar connector on the TC to provide some indication ...

Posted 19 Mar 2014 19:12 in Sydney Suburban by Silver S Set

[quote=piepants]Bit of a rare sight: M11 in the sheds at Cardiff alongside the B-set of A78:

[url=][img] ...

wickham? WSID


Posted 17 Feb 2014 16:48 in New South Wales by Silver S Set

I visited the site on Saturday, and I went in. There was only one tram left, R1 1995 and there was fencing all over it but I found a gap and went in. It is a sad sight, the controller panel is broken, ...

Posted 15 Feb 2014 12:47 in New South Wales by Silver S Set

Guys, it is a construction site but the workers cars are parked inside. I went inside this morning and there is only one tram left. I went in, and it is a sad sight, graffiti everywhere. So you can ac ...

Posted 11 Feb 2014 19:36 in New South Wales by Silver S Set

When were the graffitied trams moved out?

Thanks tezza and Sydney Gunzel

Posted 10 Feb 2014 18:53 in New South Wales by Silver S Set

I want to go to Rozelle Tram Deopt, but how do i get in, I know how to get there, but is there any way in other than the locked doors? I have to go there for a history project. Any help will be greatl ...


is this an old pic because one silver set is painted all grey


This may seem obvious, but anyway, if you go behind Aldi on George Street, North Strathfield, there are construction works for the Nth Strathfield Rail Underpass right at the back of the Aldi, what ar ...


I've already measured a V-Set train that got up to 127 kmh.
Newcastle Express

Where was it? Also, where do trains actually travel fastest in the Sydney region, no further then Macarthu ...

I saw a K or S set at Flemington today, heading towards Strathfield, (sorry, I can't tell them apart from a distance) and it said Emu Plains on it's desto, then around 40-50 minute's later, on the way ...

Posted 15 Jan 2014 18:30 in Sydney Suburban by Silver S Set

A01 is currently going through static testing at Cardiff, and A74 arrived from the docks this afternoon.

Apparently it was rebuilt, or was it A02. Anyway, are they going to ke ...

[quote=Dave46]No, the first ironworks were at Mittagong, in 1848. There are interesting remains under the Highlands Marketplace, where the excavated foundations and relics may be seen in the undergr ...

Posted 27 Oct 2013 19:57 in Sydney Suburban by Silver S Set

[quote=sydnytrains]The sets are stripped prior to transfer to Enfield at their respective depots. Once stripped of usable parts, they are transferred to Enfield, then to Chullora. At Chullora, no stri ...

[left][color=#000000][size=3][color=#000055][size=1][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica]Correct, it was a monument to Lithgow's industrial history. It was here that the first iron and the first steel in A ...

Posted 27 Oct 2013 17:37 in Sydney Suburban by Silver S Set

I don't see the s sets at Enfield stripped of seats and pantos, do they strip the train in Chullora and salvage the parts there or do they scrap the whole thing? It's a shame if they do.

[quote=a6et]Yes its narrow gauge 3'6". The primary reason why narrow gauge was the choice of the original fellow who was the instigator, & did a lot of travelling as well as investigating the options ...

Just a question, why is the Zig Zag railway in narrow gauge, or is it just me? It looks very narrow.

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