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Why can't a service be intoduced between Ballarat and Mildura instead of all the way to Melbourne.

The main reason for asking this question is that Ballarat is a major Regional city and so is Mildu ...



The first two should be the other way round as the XPT still won't arrive in Melb. before 0735Hrs, so no way it could form a 0710Hrs departure out of Melb. for Syd.

0710Hrs Albury Departure will b ...

Erskineville, driving past the station entry? Have walked in there before after doing the long slug from Macdonaldtown Laughing

Posted 12 Jun 2010 15:42 in Test Forum by Somebody in the WWW

Nope and you can stop taking my posts so seriously. My warning level is on 95% anyway so I won't be around here much longer

Posted 12 Jun 2010 15:36 in Test Forum by Somebody in the WWW

It must be boring in Hay to be having a go at people in a test forum.. there's no issue with it, the point of this forum is for random junk Evil or Very Mad

A line will be running below capacity off-peak so off-peak patronage is not a concern for amplification.

If all you care about is peak hour utilisation then why don't you just build a third track for ...

AM peak passenger figures in 2009 IPART report

North shore(~13000)

East Hills(~10500)

This hasn't take into account the new demand after the opening of ECRL.

Better to compare the all day patronag ...

CityRail is a public transport agency that serves the area of the greatest need, not the minority. More CityRail services are placed in areas where there is greatest demand.

Yes, which should be coun ...

dont like the service where you live then move to where the best service is.

What's the point of CityRail then? Take it you don't care a lot then if you live in... Hay Laughing

Posted 12 Jun 2010 14:20 in Melbourne suburban by Somebody in the WWW

You'll be happy to know that I don't really mind which way the red line goes. And my example from the staff at Glenroy is in Melbourne and is valid. Hay is necessary to provide some humour in the post ...

Posted 12 Jun 2010 14:10 in Melbourne suburban by Somebody in the WWW

It's called stating the facts, not baiting. I'd like to know how the station staff at Hay do it differently........ oh wait there aren't any Twisted Evil

Posted 12 Jun 2010 13:50 in Melbourne suburban by Somebody in the WWW

Settle down Greg, you don't even have trains in Hay, why are you getting so touchy about it and why do you think he's a troll?

I think the procedure is to inform the Metrol control centre who will  ...

Then at around 1:30 when I left class and headed up to Glenferri station there was a police chopper flying around over head and cops all over the station, i asked what was going on and they said "we a ...

Posted 11 Jun 2010 18:16 in Victoria by Somebody in the WWW

Sunbury is far from paradise but wait until the masses move up there after electrification - it will be hell! Just my opinion though.

The electric train service won't make much of a difference, it wi ...

can you imagine the ensuing chaos and the interesting lash-ups on the system as a result Smile

Lash-ups of buses you probably mean.

Good photo opps too Smile

That is if you want lots of photos of rando ...

Posted 10 Jun 2010 19:24 in Victoria by Somebody in the WWW

Similar to Craigieburn it will become a migrant heaven

Yeah we can't let people without white skin spoil your perfectness of Sunbury can we. And Craigieburn must have been spoilt from a perfect count ...

What about Vineyard?

Good candidate as far as the suburban (rather than interurban) area goes. It's the only completely building-less station on the Western line, in addition to being in a mostly rur ...

Anybody else heard this rumour? Better get your last footage of trains blowing horns on departure.

Gives me the smeg I can't get a train from the City to this bustling metropolis (nightlife central - 8 pubs) and the even bigger smeg the bus that goes there doesn't run via the City Loop

http:// ...

Yes of course you could run it so much better cause only Cityrail is hopeless. LaughingLaughingLaughing

Yes, I probably wouldn't be in bed with the bus companies like CityRail is. Too many trackwork shutd ...

CityRail advises that due to repairs following an earlier private freight train derailment at Unanderra, buses will replace the following trains in both directions between Wollongong and Kiama and bet ...

And you wonder why people hate you

Actually I couldn't care less about what you or any other people I don't care about think LaughingLaughing
Why haven't you reported my post yet, though? That puzzles  ...

Do you actually understand what the saying "I'll bite" means?

No, he doesn't. You'll have to explain it to him.

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