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AUSTRAINS NEO Overland NR class, Austrains NR54 and Trainorama S303 in VR livery  please.

I am located Endeavour Hills Victoria

WTB Trainorama S303

Please pm I know it's a long shot as I haven't seen these get sold for ages. Thanks

Thanks John makes a whole heap of sense!

Hi all,

       After looking at a DL class before purchasing it, i noticed the marker lights are a bit crazy. 4 whites on the front, 4 reds on the rear.

Surely there must be a fix ? I've searched ...

hello, can anyone here modify an Auscision X class to extend the hood?

Also while they are at it, can they change the numbers and number boards? Happy to pay for your time.

I need X36 hood exten ...

I'm now wondering if this is what's causing this on my new Vlocity?

Best news I've heard all day!

Hopefully the coupler is easy to change! Thanks Poath!

Yeah I got stern look from the girlfriend when I came home with an A class, 2 X classes and the 3 car Vlocity s ...

Ok I got a new problem.

Just purchased another Vlocity set. While trying to install the steps under the saloon doors, I have snapped the connector that goes to the trailer car. It still couples, b ...

Ah ok I have missed that. I've only gone by their recent post

Hey Trainguy,

I don't think they are doing a B class rerun. They announced an A and N class rerun

Herro people,

I'm after an Auscision B74, obviously in VR livery.

Word of advice- I'd probably completely change your cover letter now. Usually HR watch these forums and now when you apply it won't be hard to identify you from this forum because you will send throug ...

Thanks a lot for your help guys!!

hey guys I just got my first vlocity set! Love them! Couple questions though, it's VL40, the dummy motor on A side has half the windows blanked out, is that right? And the motor makes a sound like as  ...

No worries, sorry to hear Bill. Hope all is ok mate

Yeah it says he's seen my messages, but doesn't reply.

Does he have a website?

Anybody know how to get in contact with Bill? I've sent him a few messages over the course of a few months with no luck.

Just wear a suit and tie. Never let's you down.

I wouldn't count on hearing anything by next week or the week after either.

You might get something back this coming week, but don't be disheartened if you don't hear anything for up to a month.


Yes David Peters! That might be the problem!!

The headlights don't flicker at all which is something I should have mentioned.

That indicates to me not an electrical problem. But it's jerky like it could be. Or it could be mechanical.

But  ...

Yeah David hasn't done anything wrong. The loco ran fine when we checked it. But as it has been run in, that's when it started.

David even gave me a good price on it and was honest that it had bee ...

Haha ze tracks are cleanith

It's an issue with the actual loco. I did contact the person just asking for advice. I've run it out but still jerky.

I bought it second hand from someone with a good name on this for

hi again... I've made like 3 threads in the last couple weeks. Sorry!

Recently purchased an Austrain 80 class. It's jerky in one direction to the point that it has uncoupled while running.

You c ...

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