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i wa under the impression " raining Cats & Dogs " was a unit of measurement !

[quote=Lockspike][quote][quote]Whats a section car, a high rail?

Hope they get to Tarana one day.[/quote]In my day a 'Section Car' was, basically, a 'Ganger's Trolley' of which there were various for ...

[quote=Boris_the_Foul]Cryptic clues have strict rules. They are not being followed here, leading to some confusion. Practice the cryptic in the SMH, Age, or Guardian.

[b]Sport player arrives too s ...

I am surprised that no mention has been made of the downward slope of the buffers and coupling on the short hood end of the three models shown on Eureka Blog photos ?

Posted 24 Jun 2017 22:37 in The Lounge by Sydney Yard

I guess  DUBBIL BARRIL Station on the WEST COAST WILDERNESS RAILWAY in TASMANIA would qualify as a Double barrelled name !


Showtime: Thank you for your comments. and to clarify in case you may have mistaken some of my comments in regard to the apathy an ...

Save Our Rail , when will you get it that trains are NOT returning to Newcastle ? Even the current opposition leader has stated that.     BUT WHAT OF FUTURE GOVERNMENTS BEYOND ???

 No Doub ...

Does anyone know of any printed examples of these headboards are available to be copied for the purpose using on H 0  scale locos.

Thanks in advance.


The Special Pole mentioned was a long wood pole with a metal hook arrangement fitted at the end, this was named  by crews " The Hooked Stick".

Officially it was for the purpose of reaching up to the  ...

Bellambi ?

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