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[quote="brissim"]Thinking about it a bit more, the next problem will be finding era-specific Australian HO-scale cars to go on the carriers. Does anyone know what is currently available?

Tony[/quot ...

Past experience with RC cars, petroleum based lube can actually attack the plastic and soften the teeth of gears and then eventual strip the gears. I use a no petroleum based grease on locomotives and ...

This is the locomotive in question...

[url=][img] ...

I agree, it's a fantastic kit! The time and money invested by IDR to develop the model, I think $320 is a bargain. This a one time offer for the kit. Once sold out; it's highly unlikely you'll see the ...

[img][/img]Some pictures of a little project I've been doing these last couple of months.

[img][ ...

Can't see northern nsw on the list (ballina lismore Grafton) so I assume we are part of Qld in the bunnings world.  Can't find it on the web site for these stores.

Please ...

I can only see what the system shows me...

Hi all, just a follow up to my pervious post.

I've look up all stores in NSW who currently have the foam in stock, which are the following:




Castle Hill

Crossroads ...

Hi all.

The Knauf, XPS foam, is a brand new product to the Bunnings range. It's on trial ATM to scale the volume of sales for the business, hence not in all stores. If you're really keen to get a c ...

Just putting it out there.

Have you thought of or used Heat Shrink to bundle the optic fibres together over the 3mm LED?

My offer still stands 18 months later Smile

First bay, right hand side of Isle 36 @ Bunnings Thornleigh

Possible '78 two door Corolla as well......




Way to go big mouth, now the cats' out of the bag...

[img][/img]Taken at the TOK today at lunch time.


[quote="Poath Junction"]A while back someone pondered if the banner image on the SDS webpage held a hint about an unannounced project. Yep, there's a BHG in workmans cream livery sitting in plain sigh ...

Coat of arms logo was larger than normal. Page 87 of  Diesel Profiles "Alco DL541" shows 4531 with the larger than normal CoA.

[quote="Bowen_Creek"]Well...Almost. The tree itself wasn't on Bulliac but JB was the builder inconjunction with Ian and myself. It was a chance to learn John's technique. He also painted the vinyl one ...

Truth be known; a little piece of Beyond Bulliac made its way across to Bowen Creek.

Namely the tall tree on the creek bed edge, by the bridge. (Picture taken April 2009, during construction)

[quote="prewett"]Our exhibition layout is 22m by 2m it has four controllers, as DC only operation, and there is only three of us we have never put it on display, I would really like to.

As it can b ...

Your question is like asking; how long is a piece of string?

Could your elaborate more why you want to know sizes? Are you planing to build a large layout? Organise an exhibition?

I've seen layout ...

Hi All

Does anyone know if these wagons have arrived in time for

the Liverpool exhibition.


Mathew Hughes


I was more surprised Peter was awake before 7AM to post the announcement on Facebook this morning. Razz

What are your views on second hand M1 Abrams used in the Australian Defence force.

Here is a little irony on the subject of transporting tanks for the ADF or, the lack off.. ...

Yeah, they were OK, I just don't like pommy built gear.

What are your views on second hand M1 Abrams used in the Australian Defence force.

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