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Not that my opinion matters but mine is the following,

I don’t think AMRM has been the same as it was pre 2000, nor have the quality of exhibitions in general. The influx of high quality models f ...

[quote][quote]I also noticed via the above posts link, the Auscision release on April 6th of the NSW BDX wagon.

It has a remarkable resemblance to the Victorian ELX and derivatives. However from a qu ...

Posted 25 Dec 2018 00:46 in Melbourne suburban by Tom66

If they are going to build an airport rail line, whom ever is in government then they should get serious about a high speed line to Sydney. What every route the choose should be independent of the sub ...

I'm a carpenter and can tell you with confidence that mdf and moisture do not go well together and is never used in any wet areas of a house. If it gets wet it swells and warps like you wouldn't belie ...

Im after some Auscision RCSF coil steel wagons. Please PM me if you have any you would like to sell. Thanks, Tom

Can anyone tell me why they have been running two steel services to Hastings this week? The usual service runs at the same times with two locos but have noticed that a second one follows it around 2pm ...

I have three PSM loco's that I would like to sell. They are:

A66 Bicentennial $800

S311 V/line        $800

T373 V/line        $550

Or will sell all three for $2000 (all prices do not include p ...

I have a few Brass loco's for sale,

PSM T373 V/Line

PSM A66 Bicentennial

PSM S311 V/Line

BGM C504 V/Line

All have not been used and have been in my display cabinet for the last few years. I am o ...

Go grab a copy of Australian Diesel scene 3. It has an article around 60 pages long on the 421 class an details a few interesting workings in victoria with other 421's as well as other loco's. There i ...

Posted 01 Nov 2014 12:27 in New South Wales by Tom66

Here is a better diagram showing the spiral and Bethungra yard in 1945 i think?

Posted 01 Nov 2014 12:23 in New South Wales by Tom66

By your logic Kompos 4201 should be painted back into its origional tuscan scheme.

I agree it would be nice to see it in candy colours. It would be good to see a 44 in the same or in red terror!

Off ...

Oren with out being rude, if you have physically handled the model and can't tell if the cab interior is there or not then why do you care if someone says it is or isn't and what difference does it ma ...

Im selling teo PSM brass loco's, both in V/LINE colours.

S311 - asking $1100

T373 - asking $800

Im happy to negotiate on price or come down of someone wanted to buy both.

Please PM if interested m ...

The station was located on the main at the up end of the loop. From memory I think you are corrected about the original station sign being located across the road.

Not disagreeing with you at all, and I am one of them (austrains 81 for example) but I think your missing my point

Im looking forward to all these future releases however!

Why hasn't anyone produced something that hasn't already been released previously or doubled up on? Yes I am aware that there have been/is g ...

New picture up on the au aviation facebook pages of what looks like some bright coured boxes? I'm going to guess for the 49 class

Time to give this thread a bump and hopefully the manufactures are watching!NPEF clinker hoopers

NODYopen wagon NKJY slab steel wagons again!!!! (why is no one making these???)

NCWF coil steel wagon ...

I thought we should have a thread dedicated to rolling stock/locomotives we would libel to see produced. You never know who might be watching. Maybe we can use this as an online petition!!

I'll ge ...

While the current track alignment in Australia is plaugued on the east coast standard gauge network with tight curves and steady grades, would it be such a a bad idea to run shorter superfreighter's w ...

How about just telling us when the models are actually going to arrive?

So I take it that the 81's won't be arriving before Chinese New Year? Any idea when they are expected?

I'm crossing my fingers that they will do a decent NR!!

I noticed there's a Patrick 73 on eBay at the moment. Could be the one you are looking for.....

Thanks for the info re the application on logo's. Ill see how I go and whether or not I need to paint over/weather  or repaint over the existing ones. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what year ...

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