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Posted 21 Feb 2020 17:38 in Victoria by Tulloch4808

[url=] ...

If memory serves me right wasn’t there some asbestos in the tulloch deckers when they were sold off to the public?  Not to mention the layers of lead paint they were covered in

Let's see..... at the time of the accident she was 14 and drunk. Why don't they sue the people responsible for providing alcohol to a minor ??. And her parents were where???

And where is the new  line from South Werribee and the stations at Wyndham Vale and Tarneit?

Posted 07 Aug 2013 09:43 in Sydney Suburban by Tulloch4808

sydneytrains, don't know if anyone has mentioned this before but thank you very much for keeping us up to speed with the comings and goings ( mostly goings) of the S-set fleet. Much appreciated.

Posted 15 Jan 2013 10:47 in Victoria by Tulloch4808

[quote="Sir Thomas Bent"]
One more:
[quote:72f28677c0][b]DOT 17655 - The provision of off-site records storage and services[/b]The provision of off-site records storag ...

Posted 29 Oct 2012 11:55 in Other Transport by Tulloch4808

Posted 29 Oct 2012 11:45 in Other Transport by Tulloch4808

I was horrified when I saw the video.I have driven interstate coaches around Australia many times and I am well aware of what goes on. She was complaining about the car for quite a while before she ov ...

Posted 29 Oct 2012 11:36 in The Lounge by Tulloch4808

thanks guys. I thought someone else may have seen it too

Posted 28 Oct 2012 14:27 in The Lounge by Tulloch4808

Has anyone been watching Outback Truckers on tv lately?Don't know if it was my imagination or not but I'm sure one of those trucks came speeding up to a set of flashing warning lights for a level cros ...

Safety rule at railway crossing a step too far for  one commuter

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282M-1946T-281M-296M-1994T-295M  were at the new Newport yards overnight. This morning covered in grafitti. Really can't see the point of surrounding a yard with a high fence and razer wire when someo ...

The next morning the 0740 Sunbury was a push/pull set using just VSH23. All back to normal by the evening.

Has anyone seen sprinter 7007 recently? Was wondering if it was in getting a new paint job t ...

I counted 4 on yesterdays service and there were 4 again today.

So the VSH set on the 0720 Up Sunbury to Melb has been replaced by 4 sprinters?

That means, according to the V/Line website that a train that can hold up to 435 passengers has been replaced with a  ...

Certailny is..... looking very smick indeed

2VL00 is sitting in the wash road this morning at Spencer Street

We are V/Line. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.

Also, Sprinter 7011 has a large dent on the roofline. Someone is not being careful with the toys.

Is it my imagination or has the condition of the sprinters gone downhill since they have been on St ...

Noticed Sprinter 7014 sporting a nasty scratch down the A side windows and panel this morning. Covers 4 windows by the look of it

Noticed VL30 doing the 1615 SCS to Bendigo today with the new window decals. Advertising Melbourne Aquarium with a very long octopus down the side!!

VLH 32 I mean...... whoops !

VSH 32 is now running as a push/pull. Could do with a bath as well. Laughing

I for one am all for it. V/Line has not met ontime performance targets ever since the RFR was done. And the gap between peak hour trains, especially the 4.32pm and the 5.17pm is not acceptable.

Sure  ...

The 16:32 SCS to Sunbury was 15mins late leaving again tonight. No excuse given. That 8 times in the past 11 trips that train has been late anywhere between 15 and 40 mins.

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