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Posted 11 Jan 2019 18:42 in Victoria by Union_Bay

I visited Korong Vale yesterday, and noticed the points for the junction have been spiked normal (set for the Sea Lake line). I thought the gauge conversion of these lines had been postponed until aft ...

The Railcam has been an invaluable resource to railfans this year, awesome stuff. Thanks very much.

Glenroy, between Moonee Ponds Creek and Jacana on the goods line?

Williamstown Pier?

Flinders Street Station


Baxter junction?

In the words of the prophet Darth Vader, "All too easy".

L-1172 has with Sunshine, over to you.


Near North Melbourne Station, under the secondary Craigieburn lines?

Umm, okay....

Spencer Street Station?

Moonee Ponds?

Man, I would have bet my left nut that was Brooklyn.

Aaaaanyway, between Upfield and Somerton?


Near Albion Station?

Search found 16 matches

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