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[quote=bevans]So much for investing in faster rail and lowering emissions and turning people of truck and cars and buses. What a blow to rail investment in NSW. I also think this could have included ...

What does everyone else reckon it'll look like?
It will look like most other High Speed Rail proposals in NSW - nothing more than a think tank.

[quote=Myrtone]When the Sydney suburban was first electrified, starting in the 1920s, all signals were semaphores, though I don't know if this was still the case in the 1950s when electrification of i ...

[quote=viaprojects]time for another 3801 speed run ..or will track repairs cost too much to better the old 3801 time ...

would like to know if the system has slowed the trains or we have a track issu ...

Ouch!  Fair point...

For some reason, photos of CLP 9 are hard to find.
CLP 9    - I --

Given Auscision's track record, it's a fair bet that the announced "7 Different CLP body versions tooled" i ...

How steep are the grades do you think/know are in central station's flying junctions?
1 in 40 at the Central end, 1 in 55 at Redfern end.

Posted 30 Apr 2021 14:34 in News by UpperQuad

[quote=Lockspike]Looking at the Inland Rail fly through video implies the whole station yard is on an embankment, which leads up to a new and higher bridge over the Mehi River. It's also implied that ...

Just another Oscar train, only more backward. Anyone who has travelled on one will know.
Have you travelled in a NIF set, ANR?

[quote=NSWGR8022]I am less sure of that when you consider the number of services which will no longer need to transit Sydney and will instead run direct to Melbourne or Brisbane. How many trains per ...



[/quote][font=Times New Roman][size=4][font=Calibri]These old 10 car trains didn't fit many platforms, and remember that they were introduced in an era when it was acce ...

Posted 18 Nov 2020 09:46 in New South Wales by UpperQuad

[quote=ANR]I am not counting down the days for the CAF to arrive.

It is just that nothing has been forthcoming about the project since it was first announced.[/quote][size=4][font=Times New Roman][fo ...

not possible further back under the scree slopes and over the mining
Are you sure about that?

Posted 02 Mar 2020 07:44 in News by UpperQuad

[font=Times New Roman][size=4][font=Calibri]The ATSB preliminary report:

[url=] ...

Too easy
Not too easy. Unless the bridge is to be entirely replaced, “concrete sleepers” are unlikely to be an option.

Posted 05 Oct 2019 07:26 in New South Wales by UpperQuad

It is very clear that the XPs are to be repaired. All this talk of permanent grounding, total bustitution and hook and pull, is wild imagination, dreaming and foaming.

Posted 02 Oct 2019 17:26 in New South Wales by UpperQuad

The XPT's are pretty much broken and they will not be able to last 4 years.
Why then is the XPT fleet currently programmed for “essential maintenance”? This tender was adve ...

the fact remains that the xplorers and endeavours give the liberal government a chance to expand rail services once the new fleet arrives.
Regional Rail Project will be delive ...

[quote=Lockspike]True, there are many such concrete crossings, unfortunately. But many crossings in the last (say) 25yrs have been made with removable road surface segments in concrete, rubber or stee ...

Why the heck did they build a level crossing in to a new piece of rail?
What struck me is why did they build the crossing in mass concrete?  
There are hundreds o ...

[quote=GrahamH]The real problem is Australia has no 5-6,000 m high mountain range. My proposal is to excavate a HUGE inland sea, the Eyre Sea, and use the spoil from it to make the aforementioned moun ...

[quote=simstrain]Since when does rail construction require 100 semi trailers a day on the main road when the rail corridor would be used to reconstruct the line.[/quote][color=#000000][size=3][font=Ti ...

[quote=simstrain]Sure you could build a water pipe or use trucks instead but you are going to need at least 100 trucks to do what could be done by a dozen loco's. Imagine what damage those trucks woul ...

The ARTC doesn't control that track and the track north of seymour is BG and not SG.
Are you sure about that, Sims?

Posted 01 May 2019 10:48 in New South Wales by UpperQuad

[quote=simstrain]Warragamba dam's water catchment area is huge. Warramba and it's tributaries and linked dams like Lake lyell near lithgow are the perfect place to start water proofing the west. Much ...

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