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I received my Powerline S type cars today. While they are far better than the old ones and sport good detailed underfloors... I feel it's sadly one step forward and two back. Many printing errors and  ...

N3, SN8 and N10 now all in the new VLP MkIV PT> livery. With N11, SN16 and BTN262 due. While Sprinter SP06 back in service with modified west end (toilet end) seating plan. This sees tilt back seats i ...

N3 has become the second set N set and first on BG to be repainted in VLP4 PT>. Returning yesterday as standard N set ACN9-BRN47-BN8. BZN258 and BTN254 are both running as D and E cars in VN14.

BTN254 and BZN258 have both been returned to West Melbourne and have received new bogie frames and a lick of new paint and full refurb. Full refurb as both cars have not been in service sins they were ...

Two BTN cars (254 and 264) while three BZNs are yet to return (258, 262 and 265). BTN254 and BZN258 would be that last to return I think.

BTN251 (now 60 years old, making it the oldest Z car) and BZN276 have just arrived at Spencer Street ex overhaul and new bogies.

Don't know if anyone got to see the V sets on display at the Liverpool expo? But to me they look really really nice, paint work is pin sharp and the stainless steel tone looks spot on. I do however th ...

Yes, VL60 is at West Melbourne.

But of more interest maybe BZN265 is also back from Newport, While ex SG BN2 (SN1) has been gauge converted and sent to Newport.

[quote="Duncs"]The real issues here are twofold

[ol][li]Have the N Class locomotives started to reach the end of their effective operational life as passenger locomotives? IE. Is the cost of mainta ...

A66 will be on today's 1614 Bacchus Marsh, for anyone out and about

Refurb Harris train too Please!!! Laughing
Also looks like the QR LDP locos have the Camera down the No. 2 end. Hope this is only on the pre production models Confused

[quote="standard gauge"]Facebook update


WCR PCP power van com ...

Yes BCZ257 forms the 'D' car in FN9.

In other news set N17 is at EDi Newport for a 'modified liberal government' G exam. SN15 is at Gemco Dynon for a cut cost E exam. FN10 is hitting platforms and  ...

Re Victrak owning the site...

Alstom do own the site and have done for a long time. Buying it off the PTC/Liberal government of the time. After Alstom more or less pulled out of Australia, UGL Rail t ...

Posted 29 Jun 2014 16:47 in Sydney Suburban by VN18


So do they have the preserved cars? I had a look on the SETS web page seems rather un-active.

Posted 28 Jun 2014 17:40 in Sydney Suburban by VN18

Sorry if it's been said before, but the preserved cars are a part of a group or? Is the SETS group still going?

3 car Vlocity VL40 now in PTV  just seen in the railcar sidings Spencer Street.

N19 now running as VN19 with BZN273, BTN264 as cars 'C' and 'D'.

BCZ257 is also back for service, still with ex AZ seats and VLP Mk2 paint work.

Posted 22 Jun 2014 17:08 in Sydney Suburban by VN18

K99 being even more interesting than any other K Set on this run - K99 is made up of two of the former Newcastle 2-car sets.

I got a snap of K99 last week on a Cumberland serv ...

[quote="ed31880"]So why the big secret about who K & AB Rail are and what it is that they do? If they wanted to keep a low profile then why hang a sign on the front of their loco and draw attention to ...

Posted 30 May 2014 18:23 in Sydney Suburban by VN18

Hello all,

I'll be up from Melbourne next month and will have a day free. Don't know if this is the best place to ask, but I'd like a good run on one of the older chopper sets 'C set'. I'll be in cen ...

I can tell you that K & AB Rail have nothing to do with AR Ball rollingstock maintenance in any way, shape or form.

Ah ok, wild guess as I know both 'K' and AR Ball wer ...

Well I'd say K & AB Rail would have something to do with AR Ball rollingstock maintenance. With the K being another interested party. That no doubt has association with SRHC...

Just keep getting mo ...

[quote="Newcastle Express"]This for all models, be it train, plane, car, etc

Will have "Highly detailed underframes"

What is the point of having detailed underframes that you can't see? Sure, ha ...

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