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I think it has reached the point that there would be very little benefit in opening this line before the scheduled 3 week shutdown of the Midland line.  Major bus route changes will take place when t ...

Does this have the potential for preservation groups to gain access to the main line?

[url=/news/s/new-rail-access-code-ready-for-consultation]New rail access code ready for consultation

Bulbous has answered your question Nightfire.  Whilst on this subject of airport surcharges, we are in the process of planning a family holiday to Brisbane to visit my in-laws - we booked our flights  ...

Would it be worth the while to maybe reroute the Australind while the Armadale line is shut?  I’m thinking that it could possibly branch off at Mundijong and sent into Perth via Fremantle.  How lo ...

[url=/news/s/major-election-commitment-funding-boost-for-wa-metronet-projects]Major election commitment funding boost for WA METRONET projects

Yep, bring it on.  I took my daughter to Terminal 1 yesterday morning and then got robbed at the pay station of the car park. ($14.80 for under 45 minutes, the previous time I parked there I was “on ...

I’ll believe it when I see it.

Posted 20 Sep 2021 00:07 in News by X Class

Sounds great.  Good luck with it.

[url=/news/s/rail-romance-heads-out-west]Rail romance heads out west

Along the Midland line, the only level crossing between Perth and Bayswater is at Caledonian Avenue in Maylands.  I would imagine this crossing will have to come under review before the Ellenbrook lin ...

I had to run an errand to Claremont a couple of weeks ago and decided to go by train.  Hence I got to see the finished product (I didn’t get to travel down that way when the serious works were takin ...

How will they get the elevated railway to fit under the Leach Highway bridge?

[url=/news/s/new-stations-and-elevated-rail-for-perth-level-crossing-removal]New stations and elevated rail for Perth lev ...

Looking out of the train window is sufficient entertainment for me.  If travelling at night I can read a book or newspaper.

An article on ABC TV News last night stated that the first half of next year is wen the line will open.  Just as well there is no huge passenger demand for the airport at the moment.

Posted on the 1st of April I’m assuming?

[url=/news/s/coal-crisis-south-devon-railway-considers-electrification-to-replace-steam-locomotive-hauled-trains]Coal Crisis: South Devon Railway considers ...

Would the 6 cents per km on the buses be calculated by road distance or as the crow flies?

[url=/news/s/infrastructure-victoria-misses-the-bus-on-public-transport-pricing]Infrastructure Victoria miss ...

Posted 11 Jan 2020 00:35 in News by X Class

Nice one.

[url=/news/s/nadolig-llawen-merry-christmas]Nadolig Llawen/ Merry Christmas

It looks like the network has expanded greatly since my last visit to Singapore 21 years ago.

[url=/news/s/new-official-map-singapore-mrt-system-map-2019]New Official Map: Singapore MRT System Map, 2 ...

Posted 07 Dec 2019 00:09 in News by X Class

Me and my family used this service last time we visited NSW in 2015.  Great value with the fares being  integrated with the rail service from Sydney. We did use Opal Cards for the duration of our st ...

Surely $200 000 wouldn't be too hard for the SA Government to find.

[url=/news/s/future-of-overland-train-service-in-doubt]Future of Overland train service in doubt

[quote=witzendoz]So the express trains are being removed from the Fremantle line, so the time travelling to work has increased? This must be an incentive to use the train to work in the city, NOT.


...not to mention that a train is roomier and more comfortable.  No screening before boarding either.

[url=/news/s/here-s-why-people-are-choosing-trains-over-planes]Here’s why people are choosing ...

Apart from the pollution, there's nothing terrible about riding on a diesel rail vehicle at all.  I've never found the noise of a diesel loco or railcar to be the slightest bit offensive.

Good on her.

[url=/news/s/warrnambool-train-service-on-track-to-introduce-reusable-cups-after-media-campaign]Warrnambool train service on track to introduce reusable cups after media campaign

Posted 28 Apr 2019 11:28 in The Lounge by X Class


[url=/news/s/sri-lanka-easter-horror]Sri Lanka Easter Horror

I thought this practice was banned anywhere.  It's banned in WA, though that doesn't stop it from occuring of course.  I refuse to let anyone wipe my windows by simply putting my wipers on high if s ...

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