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[quote="woodford"]Work has commence extending the down platform at Tallarook, they have the concrete platform facing inplace and it looked like base consolidation was taking place for the earthworks.


Posted 16 Jan 2014 12:11 in Victoria by Z181

Conductor depots are Melbourne, Bendigo, Ballarat, Seymour, Shepparton, Albury, Geelong, Warrnambool, Traralgon and Bairnsdale.

In the case of Maryborough, Ararat…. The morning Up services the Dr ...

[quote=VN18]FN3 - Running with BZN256

N4 - Exam due soon (within days)

N6(ACN/BRN) - Running with N13

FN9 - Still running as FN with BN17 ex N6

FN10 - Has had BZN252 removed due to a fault

FN11 - ...

Posted 29 Nov 2013 21:44 in Victoria by Z181

Southern Cross Coach Terminal is in the first step of bays 55 to 70 having a myki reader installed at the gates. This should be completed in time for the New Year shut down.

E6001 was out the front of Kew Depot last night (14th Aug) at 10:20pm

Posted 11 Jul 2013 01:14 in Melbourne suburban by Z181

The train numbers are on the screens to help the Platform staff at Southern Cross. VLine change the sets of each service serval times through day due to any reason so when the staff run sheets are pri ...

Posted 10 Jul 2013 01:28 in Melbourne suburban by Z181

Don't if right place to mention this but EDI Comeng 501M has a new LED Desto on the front seen at Southern Cross

Set FN5 is now refurbished and has BZN266 attached!! Currently docked in Platform 5 at Southern Cross.

Leaves only N18 left to be refurbished and still in old colours.

Posted 22 May 2013 13:56 in Melbourne suburban by Z181

[quote=Lad_Porter]I was on an xtrap from Lilydale the other day, and at Richmond it was altered to run direct to Flinders Street instead of via the loop. Both the station and the driver made appropri ...

Posted 18 May 2013 19:30 in Melbourne suburban by Z181

[quote=ChoooChoo]Doesn't it usually say "Southern Cross AND Spencer Street"

Which is annoying in itself because it suggests that they are two separate stations! I think it's time now they cease the ...

Posted 18 May 2013 18:55 in Melbourne suburban by Z181

Speaking of announcements. I noticed at Melbourne Central today that Southern Cross has been removed and replaced with just "Spencer Street"


"Running Express from Melbourne Central to Spence ...

Posted 11 Apr 2013 03:42 in Victoria by Z181

I think they have left the First Class Star off some services or they are going to be H-Set services as the running times on the new timetable would indicate a loco haled service.

Thomastown Platform 1 and South Morang have myki gates installed now.

Are they rearranging the H sets to form an extra set? Also, how are services coping without the unreserved car(s)?

VNet has be altered to only reserve Fir ...

FN9 has returned from refurbishment looking brand new in the Spencer Street Yard today (24/12/12)

This leaves FN5 and VN18 only unrefferbished sets remaining.

Posted 12 Dec 2012 08:17 in Melbourne suburban by Z181

Donnybrook Station is also turning into a very popular option for the Mernda area. Car Park there is filled by 8am which includes along Donnybrook Rd and the Pub car park.The 562 timetable can be chuc ...

from what i understand the push/pull set of cars will be remarshalled into other sets BillYes I believe Seymour is getting 2x SHsets forming a 6 car train

Posted 24 Oct 2012 23:39 in Victoria by Z181

I seen A60 on a test run today with N463. A60 was in store at Dynon for a while, dunno how long she has been back in service.A60 ran the 1522 Bacchus Marsh service this arvo and is currently stabled a ...

Since the last timetable change Sunbury has:

0607 Empty Dwn, 0704 Up - 3VL+VL

0627 Empty Dwn, 0718 Up - Sprinter x5

0631 Dwn, 0738 Up - PClass x2 + SHset x2

0731 Dwn, 0821 Up - Sprinter x2

080 ...

Posted 22 Jul 2012 10:40 in Melbourne suburban by Z181

Platform 2 at Southern Cross tends to go crazy every now and then. You have either North Melbourne, then Epping, South Morang, Frankston and Flinder St services regularly wanting to go off there. VLin ...

M>Robot. Who could forget that depressed woman?

The best on board annocements was the original set on the Alstom Comengs straight after reffurbishment. Connex Lady chirping away with the service ty ...

Posted 11 May 2012 16:08 in Victoria by Z181

1652 Bendigo 99.9% of the time departs from platform 4A made off the 1625 Bendigo Arrival. Service is 2x 2Car Velocities.

1515 Echuca and 1615 Bendigo are both 2x 3Car Velo and both normaly have up ...

Posted 22 Jan 2012 12:14 in Victoria by Z181

8160, According to V/Line website (network access, info pack etc...) empty cars from Bacchus Marsh to Southern Cross, Depart Southern Cross 1915hs, scheduled to go through Melton at 1926hrs and arrive ...

Posted 19 Jan 2012 16:54 in Melbourne suburban by Z181

Metro AO's only wear the Orange vests when preforming Customer Service duties and for Events eg. Footy, Soccer and Cricket.The Customer Service Attendants wear Blue when roaming and Orange when operat ...

FN3 is back from refferbishment. Was seen parked in the Yard at Southern Cross today next to FSH25. The Grey colour they use on the refferbs now doesnt date as badly as the colour that was used on FSH ...

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