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Moonee ponds?

Very interesting complaint, while i do think its stupid to mention it anyway, they do it in case there were other people on the train, which could have happened. Or maybe they have an issue with the d ...

Doves are assoiciated with love, and with love, sometimes leads to marriage, with weddings, you hear bells. My answer iss bell station.


[quote=thadocta]Firstly, please, can you get my nick right, this is not the first time you have misspelt it, I am beginning to think it is deliberate.

From the ever reliable Wikipedia, the definit ...

[quote=Nightfire][quote]They are just pedestrian crossings, they help add more trains if removed. After doing some research i have found that the Fitzgearld road level crossing cannot be removed becau ...

[quote=Myrtone]There seem to be two road level crossings between Ardeer and Deer Park. Those were the ones I mean. But I suppose there are also many pedestrian only level crossings. These put the same ...

[quote=railblogger][quote]Wait, GPS's tell you to drive off cliffs?

As in the GPS actually saying "turn right and drive off the cliff"?

Some machines want to watch the world burn.[/quote]No. If the ...

[quote=Nightfire]Will this car driver get one of those big fat juicy $3K fines from Compliance Victoria ?

Or a lesser charge like careless driving ?

Car drivers and their GPS's are becoming dumm ...

[quote=Myrtone]Work is about to start on grade separations in St. Albans. The Subury line (not counting the most recent extension) is the longest suburban railway with at most three level crossings. R ...

788M vs a VX Commodore, for those not watching.
I bet the commodore wins.

Anyways, I like how the crash happened on ohea street and not Bell street. I found it even funnie ...


Just to clarify i was wrong about Puckle street, it wa actually 5th on the most dangerous crossings, behind Furlong road, Mitchem road, Springvale road, and Aviation road. As for you, TehDocta, you ha ...

This is hard, but screw it, i am gonna guess. Is it Eltham? I say this because few times ( or a little amount) of trains are held up ( or forced to wait) here.

[quote=thadocta]I see that our resident problem child [b]Myrtone[/b] has fixated upon a few more threads, in order to start spamming his ill-conceived ideas until he is blue in the face, and will broo ...

[quote=dollarbill85][quote][quote]I reckon we should close the Werribee line. I went to Werribee once; got my tyres slashed, true story.[/quote]Agreed, it will stop more tyres from being slashed.[/quo ...

I reckon we should close the Werribee line. I went to Werribee once; got my tyres slashed, true story.
Agreed, it will stop more tyres from being slashed.

close everything.
You would be touching some very raw nerves, somewhere politicians would not dare to go !
Except a few, like the few that are in my control. Peop ...


Stops being close together isn't a problem as long as they serve distinct purposes or are surrounded by significant commercial hubs or residential areas of a high density.
That is  ...

I seem to have a problem with private messages, when i click on one, it says automatic outage to alleviate server load. Can anyone tell what is the problem?

I cant think of anything, is it a station made of timber?

[quote=torrens5022]Why would there be only one station per suburb. Northcote has 5 stations on two lines, do you propose closing 4 of them?

Some stations aren't in the suburb their named after, eg ...

[quote=LancedDendrite][quote]If we are going to drop two closely spaced station, maybe we could actually use this as an opportunity to consolidate them. This is one pair of stations closer than the op ...

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