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[quote=Booly]Whilst at Casula Hobbies today , Joe had a few of the new Peter Boormans workshop kits to convert the casula hobbies nswgr wt 7000 gallon bogie water tank into a tsx wagon which was used ...

[quote=GS4]Oh dear , no answers , don't you hate that Smile OK , I figured someone would have picked this up.

The date for the change of paintwork you are looking for is 8th of March 1998.

I ...

Hi All

How long was the Indigenous NR30 running around like this

Posted 21 Oct 2019 15:41 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by alco4836

Hi All

I am just after as much info and pics of the NSWGR EVD display cars

I know they were the Captain Cook museum train and a dinosaur train

but were they used for anything else?

How many EVD' ...


This is the tank at Port Waratah

[url=]pic 1 and [url=]pic 2

Sorry no ...

Thank you very much a6et this has been very informative.

I will push my luck one more time with another question.

Was the fire to dry the sand gas powered as I noticed in a

few pictures a large(ish ...

Hi all

Does anyone know what sort of wagons were used to take the

sand up the top of the sand towers that are attached to some of

the coal stages?

Regards Mathew Hughes

Thanks for all the responses this is really informative. Just to ask another question

did the track going up the coal stage have

the extra rails in the middle like bridges do?

Regards Mat

Google "NSWR coal stage", and a few variations on the theme, will return some images. Examples I found included 20 class on Enfield coal stage, and a 53 class on Broadmeadow's.

[quote=duttonbay]I'm not an expert, but the only two photos I have illustrating locos working on NSW coal stages show 3221 at Broadmeadow (1966), and 7328 at Port Waratah (1972, when there were still ...

Hi All

Just a little update on my finished casula hobbies NSWR water tank if you would like to

have a look [url=]Link

Regards Mathew Hughes

Hi All

Just a quick question

What locomotives apart from the 19 class

pushed coal hoppers up the coal stage?

Regards Mat

Hi All

Does anyone know which traders will be attending the ourtown model show this weekend? Just trying to workout who gets

my hard earned hahaha

Regards Mat

Hi All

Just updated my blog if anyone is interested.

Update contains UME,Water jin,HCX and TW special load wagon

plus other stuff.

Hi All

I have just updated my blog with my latest build

a Peter Boormans workshop 1890 ballast plough

pics [url=]HERE

Regards Mathew Hughes

Hi All

I have just updated my blog with pics of my latest modelling project

Way and works wagons. Pics can be found [url=]HERE

Regards Mathew Hughes

Hi All

I have just added some pictures of my Wombat models 30T after

some modifications on my blog

Pics can be seen [url=] ...

Hi All

I am after as much info on Stroud Rd Station precinct as I can get

Mainly what where the 4 buildings on the platform?

What was the building down behind the water tank?

What sort of goods s ...

Hi All

Good to see this section being updated regularly

And my turn to add. Some pics of MFH,VHO,35 class and HTV2000

Check out my blog for pics

Hi All

I just updated my blog with my latest build a Peter Boorman HO BBP

pics can be seen [url=]here

Regards Mathew Hughes


Hi all

Just updated my blog with some pictures of my Ezi kits Z26

if anyone is interested pics can be seen [url=]HERE

Regards Mat ...

[quote=Aiden Teszke]G'day all.

I model the South Maitland Railway with a loose time frame.

With the upcoming release of the Auscision 48's I was wondering if there was ever a conversion kit for ...

Hi All

I just uploaded some pics of the Wickham Station removal

on my Blog if anyone wishes to have a look

x31 the pics are from Carrington NSW

Regards Mathew Hughes

Hi All

There are a few pics of one of these hoppers on my blog for anyone

that want a look.


Regar ...

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