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Posted 25 Jul 2021 22:04 in New South Wales by apw5910

Was that [i]the[/i] Krait at 8:30? [url=]

Posted 22 Jul 2021 17:49 in The Lounge by apw5910

[quote=Valvegear]Question without notice:- What's the point of holding an Opening Ceremony when no spectators are allowed there to see it? No doubt it will be a great spectacle for the local flies and ...

orifical closure???

Better link: [url=] ...

Fast Electric Parcel Van

Don't think the girl taking a constant video of herself by holding her selfie stick out of the carriage on Puffing Billy got her camera phone back when the inevitable happened.

[quote=Sulla1][quote]Bingley are you certain the routes are open now to passenger services including stations etc.[/quote]Open Access is open access - it's enshrined in national and state legislation. ...

It's taking in the realm of 4s to generate pages, before they're even sent out. That'll be at least partly responsible for the speed issues.
I just timed loading this pa ...

He'll get away with it ..............
I think you're probably right. But of course there will be a requirement to reinstate the line if rail services (not rail bikes) ever ...

[url=] ...

The whole Curve and Gradient Diagram book is available as a pdf

download from [url=]ht ...

Posted 26 May 2021 16:57 in News by apw5910

Forget the horses and put a sail on the tram.

Posted 20 May 2021 08:37 in The Lounge by apw5910

So are other country's that are not hiding under the bed.
Sigh - he'll never learn.
Grocer's apostrophe?

"Yet another study into an uneconomic line from Canberra to Eden needs another go."

Posted 17 May 2021 11:43 in The Lounge by apw5910

Edit: pre-emptive apology, I *really* should have run that off Shane's latest dribble, as the grammar is the least of it's issues.
"grammar is the least of it is issues?" or "gramm ...

"But just think, at some stage in the future, our grand kids or great grand kids will be exploring Mars and checking out this ancient human artifacts"

They'll stick it in a museum. Is it th ...

[quote=bevans]Years and years ahead of Australia in progress and thinking.

[url=/news/s/spain-to-evaluate-national-gauge-conversion-programme]Spain to evaluate national gauge conversion programme[/ ...

That's not how I make model trains.

I love the way you can still stand anywhere to take photos when the engine's not moving, and be on the carriage end platforms even when it is.

Posted 21 Apr 2021 21:15 in The Lounge by apw5910

[quote=don_dunstan]We had a large (multi-million dollar) tidal power plant here off the coast in the St Vincent Gulf around Noarlunga - can't find anything about it on the web at the moment but from m ...

[quote=YM-Mundrabilla][quote]What an amazing trip that will be when it is finished.

[url=/news/s/world-s-highest-railway-bridge-takes-shape]World’s highest railway bridge takes shape[/quote]Isn't ...

[quote=a6et]Not sure if it stille applies or not but Steam loco's were not allowed to be lead engine when diesels are used. Reason was that cinders from the steam loco could and did go down via the ex ...

I have always liked that colour in the steam.  Is that what they call Tuscan?
No, it's some shade of maroon or crimson. Tuscan is much more brown. See the carriages Canberra Railw ...

[quote=bevans][quote]Well, considering the population in the north of both conuntries is way lower than the southern sections, i can see why a rail connection has taken so long. The ferry services ar ...

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