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Hello everyone. It's been quite awhile since i've been on the Railpage forums. Would someone please be able to tell me briefly what's happened to SRHC & why from what I can tell they aren't op ...

Posted 31 Oct 2010 20:53 in Victoria by ashbeer

It's now in Geelong. Spotted it with it's load parked in the freight yard yesterday afternoon.

Posted 27 Jul 2010 23:11 in Victoria by ashbeer

Saw a tangerine V/line Y class at Geelong Loco the other day. What's the story there?

Any photos from Meredith?

Posted 03 Jan 2010 20:22 in Victoria by ashbeer

A person who worked in C box a few years ago said they can only get 40 wagons through the grain loop each 2 hours. Does anyone know if this is still the case?

If so, then some of the longer SG trains ...

Why the hell is the V/Line logo on the side positioned at the bottom rather than the center of the loco? Looks ridiculous!

Posted 24 Nov 2009 16:50 in Victoria by ashbeer

Down side of Waurn Ponds


Read the post above you !Welcome back, Ashbeer! Laughing
Got no photos ready, so floor open.Sincerest apologies on the slip up & thanks for the welcome back :win ...

Posted 21 Nov 2009 18:06 in Victoria by ashbeer

Down side of Waurn Ponds

Posted 22 Sep 2009 20:21 in Victoria by ashbeer

While on the topic of websites. What's happened to SRHC's site? It's been down for ages!

Posted 19 May 2009 21:37 in Victoria by ashbeer

What happened to N464?

Posted 27 Apr 2009 00:10 in Victoria by ashbeer

And the Y's? Be interesting to see if they bother with those. Obivously if they do, they'll be left to last.

Posted 19 Apr 2009 21:54 in Victoria by ashbeer


Is this a joke or what? Why would you start another thread for this? No need.

The on-going thread on all things relating to the North East Line conversion is: ...

Posted 06 Apr 2009 21:57 in Victoria by ashbeer

X43 Light Loco through Lara on the down to North Geelong Yard this afternoon at 2:40.

Also noted two track machines working on the standard gauge near North Geelong C this afternoon about 3:00. Tho ...

Posted 12 Mar 2009 21:08 in Victoria by ashbeer

Just a nice loco thats all :lol:But what's that got to do with this thread?

Posted 09 Mar 2009 16:21 in Victoria by ashbeer

Down freight through North Geelong at 4:55am this morning headed by X41.

Posted 05 Mar 2009 22:04 in Victoria by ashbeer

Gee the XR's are gettin a good run this week.

Posted 04 Mar 2009 19:42 in Victoria by ashbeer

XR 553 on todays freightThat would have to be the first XR class on the line. Would that be right?

Posted 01 Mar 2009 23:01 in Victoria by ashbeer

I'd like to point out that some manners could be used by the person who has posted above me. It would be appreciated.

In the words of the anonymous poster, who took from 12.2 to 23.2 to respon ...

Posted 23 Feb 2009 18:43 in Victoria by ashbeer

Yeh it should be, been two weeks now.

Someone put up a pic...

Posted 20 Feb 2009 19:45 in Victoria by ashbeer

It's the former up platform for Ballarat East station. Closed in the mid 1960's IIRC. Nice old photo Wow, hard to imagine a station like that there by looking at the location today. When & why was it  ...

Posted 14 Feb 2009 17:03 in Victoria by ashbeer

Not sure why people keep recreating threads. There is already a thread for the Warrnambool line:

Do a search before starting one up.

Posted 31 Jan 2009 15:06 in Victoria by ashbeer

Up Warrnambool freight headed by X39 long end leading & a P class through South Geelong last night at 11pm. Bit early isn't it? Thought it's normally scheduelled to go through Geelong at 1am. Also the ...

Posted 08 Jan 2009 21:03 in Victoria by ashbeer

Not really. And I'll thank you not to make further incorrect assumptions as well.

I just couldn't believe that you couldn't figure out why both sets of gates were there. It's not rocket science, just ...

Posted 08 Jan 2009 18:46 in Victoria by ashbeer

If the gates are open for some reason, there still needs to be some level of warning/protection if there's an SG train or something about to hurtle through.

Common sense, dear boy. Common sense.Not ...

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