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Too easy

Amazing what a bit of rain can do in a short time.

[url=][img][/img][url= ...

No, but similar country.  Looks a lot like the area south of Korumburra, where a line once went to Outtrim.  I hazard a guess at Jumbunna.
Jumbunna it is.

[quote=deadlaker]What I'm seeing on google maps doesn't really correspond with the pic so I'll just say that it reminds me of a location that is a few hundred metres sort of the terminus on the Strzel ...

[quote=deadlaker]Thanks bartaxr8.

I do have an image I was hoping to post but I'm afraid it is currently beyond my feeble IT abilities. I have done it in the past but even the Railpage FAQ is not ...

Looking a lot like Yinnar.  One of those communities that are to be appreciated for retaining something of their railway heritage instead of bulldozing it out of existence.
Cor ...

[url=][img][/img][url=]railpage427 by [url= ...

Former passenger platform on my right. Looking towards Cosgrove with the former line to Katamatite behind me.

We have a winner.

Pine Lodge Grain Facility for sale:

Further south and to the east.

How about this one, don't think it will last long:
Well, it has lasted 3½ months, perhaps a clue?
My memory has failed me again, forgot all about it.

It is t ...

How about this one, don't think it will last long:

[url=][img][/img][url=] ...

Yerring? Smile
You got it

Some clues might be required!
It's now a rail trail

Looks like Welshpool - though much closer than when I last saw that station.
Bloody hell, forgot all about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not Welshpool

Not on any Gippsland line

Not Lang Lang

[url=][img][/img][url=]20180311_090047 by [url= ...

Apologies for the previous response,  you are correct. Across the road from Narracan falls.

Aldo noticed a new house on the site of Narracan station!!!

You got it ????

This is in between two stations, either will do:

Realistically speaking, what are the chances some parts from the scrapped A class could be secured for A60 or A62 IF required?

Is the fate of A71 and A78 the same as the rest of the Pacific Nationa ...

There is a picture on Vicsig of A79 in the process of being dismantled!!!!!!!!!!

Could it be Drysdale-Curlewis?
Jetty Road, Drysdale

All yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colac is probably the closet so far, think closer to the bay...............

Not between Lancefield & Kilmore, Bonegilla or Bruthen.

It is near a rail trail in the western part of the state.

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