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I'm scratching my head at the 421 -although I have not followed Australian outline for years and even when I did, I wouldn't have counted myself any kind of expert on NSW - I was fairly sur ...

Hi David

Not well, sadly.  I'm going to assume most of the QR GM brood have the standard 6'3" +6'3" bogie of big Australian GMs of that era.

That would be 8'7 1/2" + 8'7 1/2" in TT, bigger than ...

[color=#000000][size=3][font=Times New Roman] [/font][/size][/color][size=3][color=#000000][font=Calibri]Hi Geoff, [/font][/color][/size]

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I am trying to find out whether K&M or Austrains 442, 80 class or Auscision EL class bogies are able to be narrow gauged and have the wheels replaced with NWSL ones?  

Also interested if they ...

Thanks Peter. I'm wondering if it's maybe an error and they meant 790mm (near as no difference to 2'7").

I think I'll go with 2'7" given that seems to have been set as the measurement for the Greg ...

That is interesting Peter, because I have a Tasrail diagram W121 for QA (ex NHA) which had them at 838mm from the mid point of the coupler to rail. It also says they are fitted with 'A3' ride control  ...

Just wondering if anyone knows what their standard coupler height was on n.g.?

I know that on the North Australia Railway, like the CR, they went over to auto coupler from meat choppers at some p ...

thanks but I am not sure these are in original condition. the end sheets were I believe added later. partial shot here:

[url=]http://www.ter ...


I am seeking end shots of the Commonwealth Railways NH and NHA iron ore hoppers, as used on the North Australia Railway, in original condition.  

I get the sense  that the wagons were delive ...

i have a reasonable number of these that i just don't look at any more.

before i turf them i am wondering if they are highly sought after ?

or has the making of them available on disc meant tha ...

because shapeways AKA 'furryways' is not set up to correctly render complex orientations, a lot of 3D product doesn't turn out very good.  particularly in the larger scales. if you get a good one, it  ...

Posted 10 Sep 2013 08:29 in Western Australia by benscaro


I am wondering if anyone has a diagram that gives dimensions for the WAGR GE style axlebox/springs.  In particular I want the dimension for the bits (no idea what they are called) that attach th ...

Posted 03 Sep 2013 23:09 in Western Australia by benscaro

hi, thank you phil!

Posted 03 Sep 2013 23:09 in Western Australia by benscaro

hi, thank you phil!

Posted 01 Sep 2013 08:10 in Western Australia by benscaro

As per Andy May's site  Converted in 1987.  

I'm wondering what they were converted to carry?

Regards, Ben

Hi Ben / all,


I think there are many possibilities out there, for example with someone doing a book of the 1970s in WA.



gday simon

oh, i'll definitely be up for  ...

As author, I would say your best bet would be to keep checking Ebay.  I sold out in 1999!



thanks simon.

i actually had a copy, but lost it in a move.

do you think  ...


i am seeking a copy of the above book, first or second hand.  it may be best to PM me.

i am willing to pay.

even with money.



cambridge, uk

hi, i'm playing around with doing some wagon sides from paper, so i can scribe and indent bolts, rivets and the like, and then laminate them onto plastikard.  

it occurred to me that i could also p ...

a GE with disc wheels.  

was a bit perplexed why the modern looking HCL (well, more modern than the GE) shou ...

Posted 20 Aug 2013 08:34 in Western Australia by benscaro

many thanks particularly for the 1980s shots, phil.


i just had occasion to email andy may about X7732.  he confirms that to see an older wagon, that is GE era and prior to that, with disc wheels was rare.  he did however send me a shot of H1995 with di ...

thanks for that.  

in relation to DC, FD and GM, i think though i'm not sure that those classes of the early fifties had disc wheels as standard.  or at least, i've not seen a photo of one with spo ...


i am wondering if in later years, the GEs and wagon classes of similar vintage received disc wheels instead of spoked?  i imagine it may have happened, but haven't found photographic evidence.  ...


what years are you talking about here? guards vans came off in 1985 in WA, didn't they?  so, do you mean to say you travelled by guard's van in the 1980s, or that it was po ...

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