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Worth noting that Qube's Dandenong cement train has been hauling a few containers lately.  Is this a nascent port-rail shuttle operation?

Passing Dynon last weekend and looing i ...

It is frightening this guy Joyce is focused on himself rather than the country during this very stressful time called a pandemic.

[quote=Carnot][quote]Looks like Barnaby is having another crack at the leadership of the national party.[/quote]He's back as leader: ...

Looks like Barnaby is having another crack at the leadership of the national party.

Posted 21 Jun 2021 11:11 in The Lounge by bevans

You are right the circus continues with the truth about the Vaccine.

Those sears look quite good very comfortable looking.

The dinning car upgrades look nice too.  I have used the car on the Spirit of Queensland and feel it could do with an upgrade and some more ta ...

Posted 21 Jun 2021 09:31 in The Lounge by bevans

Issues are rising in Sydney with the latest outbreak and the approach has been more tempered than Victoria where masks are only required around the areas where the virus has been identified not blanke ...

Posted 21 Jun 2021 09:29 in The Lounge by bevans

Another pointless show, more sham entertainment...

Yes but it provides some of us with a distraction.

This comes around every few years but given the success of the Europe to China freight trains in the 10,000+ per annum this looks more and more promising.  You need to also add the new project kicked ...

Posted 20 Jun 2021 20:39 in The Lounge by bevans

Lots of new tricks for contestants to get across this year and Rebecca Madden looks like she has been working out also to drop a few pounds.  A good sets of traps and good contestants. Oliva Vivian lo ...

Trains in Denmark look very clean and nice interiors when you look to this video from Simply Railway.

[quote=Somebody]EUROPEAN TRAIN TRIP #22 Hi everyone, welcome to this trip report bound to Flens ...

[quote]The last regular passenger trains into the old Maryborough station were the weekly Sunshine Rail Experiences that stopped running in the early 2000s. Some specials ran for a few years after tha ...

Posted 20 Jun 2021 12:19 in New South Wales by bevans

Tocumwal is on Broad Gauge so through trains would not be possible.  I would like to see the business case and could we ever see a stage when a Commercial Port operator like Botany would pay for the l ...

Posted 20 Jun 2021 12:18 in Other Transport by bevans


The truck drove 1500 km in the USA with the drivers only actually in control at ...

Quick one from me when would the last passenger service have used Maryborough Station itself?

Could a steam special get into and out of the station now?

Posted 18 Jun 2021 14:20 in Melbourne suburban by bevans

This is a great article on the passenger catchment opportunities for the melbourne airport rail line

Bingley are you certain the routes are open now to passenger services including stations etc.

This is certainly a trip I would make a mandatory travel step in the UK/Europe.  What a great idea.

[url=/news/s/paris-edinburgh-route-proposed-under-french-startup-midnight-trains-hotel-train-plan] ...

I have several of these and find them to be great little units.

[url=/news/s/rapido-trains-delivers-allnew-hoscale-sw1200]Rapido Trains delivers all-new HO-scale SW1200

According to Daniel Bowen's blog, the Victorian data is the vaguest.  I assume the Opal data is more detailed.

The reference is to the Opal Data I think being available electro ...

if only we had such forward thinking CEO's in this country.  Open up the rail network to new operators, encourage innovation (does not currently exist), have a vision and deliver a service that delig ...

Posted 17 Jun 2021 16:50 in General by bevans

60% of US car load traffic is single car working which has failed under Australian Management but is gaining momentum in Europe and the USA.  Interesting indeed.

[url=/news/s/surefooted-sorting]Sure ...

The A380 would have to be the most comfortable longer distance aircraft I have had the pleasure of flying on.

[url=/news/s/5-airbus-a380s-have-already-left-emirates-fleet]5 Airbus A380s Have Already ...

New and interesting details are now emerging on the new station design

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