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I think I may have found another subway.  I recall using a subway from the lower level of Melbourne Central to the northern side of LaTrobe Street until a few years ago when it was closed.

Posted 05 Apr 2020 13:33 in Victoria by bevans

So... A lot of trucks delivering grain. Not a loco to be seen.

But where is the grain coming from?

PIMM thanks again, I guess i may have been interpreting this incorrectly.

In that case the De Graves subway is really the only remaining subway for Flinders Street Station.  I feel the installation ...

[quote=Big J][quote]Right understood.

Two downstream impacts:

1. There will be a few truck drivers looking for other work im guessing - would Aurizon/Linfox have or be able to get work for the ...

Much appreciated PIMM for the extended updates.

Richard Berry (I am a graduate of Melbourne Uni) was a mathematician I believe who has a building named after him on campus.

Back to the original  ...

[quote=Big J]What a refreshing development. As Fatty says must be a Exec management change from the last few years.

Motivated purely for the last trucking leg or not, at least they are investing a ...

This is exactly the info I was looking for [url=/user/22117][b]@historian[/b] thanks for the details.

Had a small number of Steam Locomotives. I picked this up from a deceased estate.

[img] ...

Took these recently on the De Graves Street Underpass which well I used regularly until recently.

[img] ...

The same appears to have happened for Heritage operations over there and now we have some groups in financial trouble.  A difficult time for all.

Thanks for the link.  I can see lots of air traffic in China but very little between China and Europe at the time of this post.

Posted 03 Apr 2020 13:30 in Queensland by bevans

[quote=Bulbous][quote]Clear from the photos rail is on dock at Gladstone

[img] ...

[quote=BrentonGolding][quote][quote]I've heard the bus struck the boomgate. 2 injured on the bus apparently.[/quote]

Could be the Geelong Advertiser was uncertain which one it was.

[url=https://ww ...

Posted 03 Apr 2020 09:09 in Western Australia by bevans

[quote=Sulla1]Regarding why the narrow gauge is not used - there is no intermodal traffic on narrow gauge in Western Australia at the moment, with all narrow gauge operations geared to bulk deliveries ...

I've heard the bus struck the boomgate. 2 injured on the bus apparently.

Could be the Geelong Advertiser was uncertain which one it was.

Appears to be BL31 on a grain train at Geelong colliding with a bus at a level crossing.

A memorial is being built and will be unveiled for the Southern Auroa accident at Violet Town. Approaching is the 50th anniversary of the accident.

Have Qube started running into North Geelong and their new Wharf for Cement?

David you mentioned on site has been demolished on the line to ararat has this business moved elsewhere or just folded?

Perhaps Geelong should be called Faster Rail?

Rail Freight Traffic between Wuhan and Europe has commenced once again.

[quote=Somebody]In addition, the first freight service for Europe to leave Wuhan since the city was locked down departed the ...

Would you guys believe still getting calls and emails from publications?

I will need to hire Peter Soot to assist.

Ideally W’bool Services should be running express Footsgrey to Geelong via Newport / Werribee, this would cut at least 20Mins from W’bool Services alone...

This real ...

Posted 01 Apr 2020 15:54 in Victoria by bevans

Assuming the new bridge will allow freight back into Bairnsdale?

Oh I wish we could have a train like this running between Melbourne and Adelaide and Melbourne and Sydney.

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