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Trainbuilder did the round 20,000 gal tank as a ready to place model.

I have recently done the same thing to the knauf board on my layout so as to create a slot for the backscene material to sit down into.  I started by using a standard wood router with a 4mm bit, but h ...

By the sounds of it you have taken the panel to the store and tried inserting the loose connectors in the panel socket.  They will be very difficult to insert as the connector hasn't been crimped yet, ...

Sorry Ted, but what are the dates for this years show?



Looking for a SEM J class coal burner kit, preferably un-assembled.  Please PM if you can help.

Not to mention the overly optimistic crystal ball prediction of the Rx in April next year.  No test shots yet and there will be corrections needed guaranteed, so 2017 seems more realistic.

Thanks Luke.  I checked Bunnings and Masters near me today but neither had any.  Will keep an eye out in the future though.

Here's the product page for the foam - ...

Luke, can you give some information on the foam you used and where you purchased it from please?

Many Thanks,


That is an excellent tutorial video, so much so I've downloaded and saved it for reference.  Many thanks for taking the time to make and share it, looking forward to the next installment!

I've got 5 DJH kits in the stash waiting to be assembled - 3 x 30T's and one each of 12 and 35class.  It's tempting to swapout the 30T's for the Shrike version, but will wait to see how they are recei ...

As has been said, it sounds like they are DJH kits currently sold by AR Kits here -

Considering they have dropped of the site at AR Kits, this does not bode well  ...

Looking for HO scale GY, RY or I/IA wagons.

Steam Era Models have kits for each of those and more -

If you know the gauge dimensions needed, then you could get some roller ones made up at a metalwork shop.  But check out Brunel Hobbies as that is where I got my ME rail from, I'm sure they do PCB sle ...

Wanted SEM J class kit coal burner, ideally unbuilt.  PM if you can help.

Found this when I searched Eureka Models the other week Wink

And more can be read and seen on their Facebook page

Yes you can swap  tenders without problems.  The loco is wired the same for sound and non sound units.

I can see what you're talking about, however in use and even sitting on a shelf you'd be hard pressed to notice.  I'd also be happy to take them off his hand's if he's unhappy with them Wink

I can't help with your request, but I would like to say kudos for asking the community for feedback on the model's design.  I don't think I've ever seen a manufacturer publicly ask for feedback on the ...

Going through the stash and I have the following items for sale.  Photos available on request, postage at cost or pickup if close (Ipswich, QLD).  Please PM if interested.  Will consider swapping or p ...

Is the wiring to the LED's all yours, or is it the original factory wiring?

Give em a chance to post them out first!

Looking for a DJH C35 kit unbuilt. Or alternately a Bergs brass 35class.

Also chasing an Austrains ACX, not fussed on livery.

PM if you can help at all.

Found both, many thanks NSWGR_5711.

Now where's some marshmellows Laughing

I would have to agree with Aaron.  The melted muff is due to the stub axle heating up at the point of the short circuit, not from bearing failure.  Rod may be able to confirm, but I bet it was the lea ...

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