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Theyve made signs more visible for those who need it.

However, for those who dont, these signs are difficult to see, especially in the sun.

The bright white combined with the orange makes your e ...

Ive seen one of the 421's operating nose first several times at Cabramatta on the Down. Its always on the down, not the Freight line, so maybe its a shuttle to Minto is it?

Its around either 5 or 6 ...

Hello, I'm just looking for clarification as I've encountered conflicting information for some of the 80 class status.

Railpage lists several as 'Stored', yet it seems someone updated the Wiki and  ...

Okay but I have noticed other rail jobs that need the card as a prerequisite. I dont think they are sydney trains though.

What exactly do I need to get in order to be able to do a rail job?

I was looking at a Train Cleaning job, and it said I required a type of card that grants me access into the corridor.

I think  ...

Posted 10 Jan 2016 12:01 in General by blacktails1985

Yesterday, I was on a rail bus from Richmond that was at Parramatta.

This bus ran into the back of a red T-Way bus at Parramatta.

Even though I was onboard the bus, I didnt actually see the acci ...

Yes the train was moving, as the sound moved away and grew fainter.

This sound was much more noticable than flange squeal.

The sound was persistent and didnt go away until the train moved on.

Posted 05 Jan 2016 12:25 in Sydney Suburban by blacktails1985

Before Normanhurst going Down, on the left hand side is an old siding with a building next to it.

Any information on this please?

On the Google Satellite, I noticed there are old, overgrown tracks leading around the back of Yennora Yard to a large


Any information on this would be much appreciated.

Could anyone please detail or point me to a thread that addresses the issues this class has which are preventing it

from entering service?

Could anyone please list all the modifications made to the MZs before they were put into service here?

Is the driver on the right? And does he have a wheel or normal controls?

Today [ 05/01/16] at around 11:55am, I heard a screeching sound coming from a train at Cabramatta. I was siting at Canley Vale Station when I heard it, so I didnt actually see it.

It sounded like m ...

Are the Werris Creek stores doomed to stripping or like many sent there, scrapping?

Hello, just like to know if all the DL Class are now in PN livery. If some aren't, please let me know which ones and their livery.

If not, if any are stored or have been in storage for a length of  ...

I came to that figure as well. But worked down to one loco, it calculates to 722 tonnes pulled by one loco.

Thanks for that info.

Would the train above be coming back full just as it is? Or would the full train be shorter because of the extra weight?

Im trying to find out how many tonnes two PL class can haul in a push-pull.

Can anyone help me with this please?

Also, there is a Youtube video of a PL and some 48s here : ...

Thanks for the info.

Just on the side, how many of those cement tankers can an 81 pull loaded?

Ive taken video of them with 16 and 24 but wasnt sure if they were full or empty.

The train is t ...

Hello, Im creating some content for Trainz, but I need some real numbers please.

How much can the Cement Tankers that the 81s haul hold?

And the Water Gin wthout the pumping station

I need to ...

Posted 11 Nov 2015 18:32 in Sydney Suburban by blacktails1985

And what happens to Newcastle station? Will the government do another end run to avoid its heritage status so it can be demolished?

Posted 11 Nov 2015 18:15 in Sydney Suburban by blacktails1985

Its just me, but I  think having both heavy and light rail wouldve been more beneficial.

Save Our Rail having to pay court costs? So does that mean us tax payers arent allowed to have our say or pr ...

Posted 28 Oct 2015 13:17 in Sydney Suburban by blacktails1985

I have another question to add.

I am a layman when it comes to parliamentary and political matters, but how was a bill able to be created and voted upon when the final decision was still pending in ...

Does anyone know what is happening at Mulgrave?

Posted 28 Oct 2015 03:52 in Sydney Suburban by blacktails1985

So is that it then with Newcastle? The decisions made and theres nothing anyone can do about it anymore?

You understood what i said regardless, so carrying on with such a conversation is argueing over a petty thing.

In the end, i prefer understanding over perfection.

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