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Why not light rail instead of heavy rail which connects with Epping or Lalor station?

Epping is a activity hub in terms of planning.

So it will share the Airport tracks to Sunshine, similar to services over HS1 in England.

Given the rail over option for Bell St, Preston. Several crossovers would be affected.

Puckle St in Moonee Ponds would be interesting, given the grade/cutting from Ascot Vale and any heritage statu ...

Is Metro the new political speak for timetable changes?

The state population will need to commute to Melbourne for the most part, be it sport, education or other major services. That will occur reg ...

It will probably signal the light rail conversion of the Alamein line.

Would this use the RRL alignment from Sunshine to Werribee?

How much of this could be done at grade or above grade (Sky rai ...

Would any works related to inland rail (eg. bridge height for double stacking) factor into this? Given Sushine/Albion has several.

With a long term planning view also, high-speed transit between Geelong and Melbourne should be segmented and efficient. Not to shuffle a large workforce living in Geelong into Melbourne on a daily ba ...

There's a video up on Facebook with the departure from South Morang station.

If you want to use Paris as a comparison:

- Trams = Metro

- Metro = RER

- Vline = Ile-de-France

- Long distance/Loco hauled = TGV

there is already Ballarat East which has SG access available
Sorry, where is the SG currently coming from?

Don't forget the existing rail over road bridge at Mt Alexander Rd also.

Surely there is a crossover between North Melbourne-Essendon and Essendon-Broadmeadows. That's a ridiculous bus replacement  ...

Totally agree with an orbital route that allows horizontal transit, Berlin and Moscow both have them. I think Melbourne needs one that links the hubs eg. Sunshine, Moonee Ponds/Essendon, Preston/Bundo ...

So it's very similar to most of the airports in the New York region. What would be the split though of people heading to city on metro v regional. The problem is always rollingstock that caters for lu ...

Keilor East and the new development could easily be catered for with upgrades to the 57 and 82 feeding to Footscray and Newmarket. The major bottle neck at the moment is Maribyrnong/Raleigh Rd.

Is this connected with the Kensington silos? I spot 2 locos there on a regular basis.

Having used mixed stopping pattern airport trains before and for a city of our size and projected growth, I can see nothing but issues with a route via Highpoint.

The Albion link allows better inte ...

[quote=Gman_86]Route 59: extend a short distance and provide a terminus right on the doorstop of Airport West Westfield. That are is not very pedestrian friendly, direct access would be very desirable ...

Route 58 to Pascoe Vale Station, and then on to the Essendon DFO.
Peter Spyker
How so, given the grades?

Posted 15 Mar 2018 15:23 in Melbourne suburban by blowfish

The portal could be on the south side of the current bridge near Merri with the existing alignment re-worked to provide access to the workshops. Rushall is obviously closed, with a replacement station ...

The hot air just took a turn given the West Gate Tunnel planning approval has been revoked.

Posted 06 Mar 2018 18:10 in Melbourne suburban by blowfish

Given the idea the is to make this a city with a local living population, why not light rail linking the precinct (and Werribee) with existing heavy rail?

An extension to nowhere. Can anyone smell Pork?

Posted 18 Feb 2018 09:52 in Victoria by blowfish

Loading at Birchip at the moment.

Head back in the morning .


Does anyone know where the train originated from and is it heading back to Portland/Geelong/Melbourne?

The irony is that a siding (rail infrastructure) is being developed to support a project with one driver being to improve road freight traffic. Meanwhile the intermodal or inland port project has been ...

Posted 20 Nov 2017 05:45 in Victoria by blowfish

What's the progress at Ararat and the link across to Maroona?

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