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Sorry meant to say that I am from NSW but have an interest in Adelaide trams.

Going by the NSW and Queensland elections, labour had better hurry up and get on with the proposed trams extensions, if Liberal should get in 2014, good bye tram extensions.

Posted 14 Feb 2012 14:51 in South Australia by bobharris2002

Hi,842 and 850 went to Thevenard early last week, with 1601 and 1604 returning to Port Lincoln for workshops attention. That means that at the moment there are three green 830s and one orange NJ at Th ...

Thanks very much.

I noticed in a segment on the net a photo  showing an ordinary suburban electric train at Port Kembla, does Wollongong have it's own local service?????/

Or maybe some F"s.

Would it be feasible to creat a city Loop using the remaining H cars in  Adelaide.

Melbourne have done it with their W class why not Adelaide with the H's.

If my facts are right, you seem to forget about r1 1995 the last tram to run in Sydney, if thats no worth saving what the hell is.

Posted 14 Dec 2011 13:31 in Trams and Light Rail by bobharris2002

Going by some of the photos, I see that there is dual gauge.

Thanks fellas.

I remember the last time they were in the news Aug 2010 I think, well that is now nearly 15 months ago and still nothing has happened.

Can someone tell me where to purchase SYDNEY TRAMWAY MEMORIES REEL ONE vhs or dvd revised edition

No longer available at Sydney Tramway Museum.

Posted 30 Oct 2011 18:33 in Sydney Suburban by bobharris2002

Can someone tell me how the Newcastle trams were disposed of after closure of the system, also how long were they still at the depot after closure.

how much longer are these trams going to be left to rot, it is nearly 9 months since this  thread opened, still nothing done yet.

I take it that when number 70 arrives back at the depot, that will make 3 H cars at Glengowie, aren't there another 2????

Posted 20 Jul 2011 17:12 in Tasmania by bobharris2002

Thanks, do they do anything with it???????

Posted 20 Jul 2011 14:43 in Tasmania by bobharris2002

In your 1st photo of the paper train at Burnie station on the 6th July, in the top left hand corner of the photo, it looks like an old Hobart suburban train parked at the station??????

To save making a new thread I will just ask another question in this thread.

Can someone tell me the disposal of trams from Rozelle depot after closure.

Posted 29 Jun 2011 10:37 in Trams and Light Rail by bobharris2002

I thought that they were suppose to have fixed Railpage website.

It is still painfully slow getting onto it, continually comes up unavailable, and find difficulty posting.

Being in Sydney I don't always catch up with the news in Adelaide, has there been any further developments of this city loop?????..

Posted 23 Jun 2011 12:36 in South Australia by bobharris2002

Most of us seem to agree, that maybe the Outer Harbour/Grange lines should be converted to light rail, but when are those boofheads of politicians going to do something about it, I rest my case.

Posted 18 Jun 2011 17:17 in South Australia by bobharris2002

Same old crap you get from the South Australian government or any government within Australia, they are all clones of each other.

Convert the Outer Harbour/Grange and Belair lines to light rail as  ...

Thanks, I've always wondered how it happened, if I might ask another question, where you said the trams were driven from North Sydney depot to Southern Cross North Sydney, does that actually mean that ...

Can someone tell me what the circumstances were on the North Sydney closure from midnight onwards on the days after the system closed, were all the trams gone from the depot at midnight on the last da ...

Thanks Matt, so I take it that the PR looked different from the PR1's.

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