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And Gladys said

Quote: Australia makes dodgy trains! End Quote!


This would shut up climate change protestors in regards about trees being chopped down

[quote=michaelgm]Stumbles across TS2012?, in a bargain bin for about 5 bucks, sometime ago. Lots of broken stuff.

Haven’t indulged for recently, in fact about to uninstall altogether. And terminate ...

This is how Google has always worked.

Consumer-level services are free with advertising, advanced services such as Maps API are paid perhaps with a free trial.


T ...

Posted 26 Nov 2021 08:47 in MSTS General Discussions by cityrail-rulez

Cheers cityrail, silly me, I was thinking about the Hitachi Razz
All good Smile

Well, clearly the title gives it away!

* The lack of tutorials and guides

* Poor community

* Dovetail Games support is poor, they rather NOT be helpful at all and expect users to understand the o ...

Posted 25 Nov 2021 11:26 in MSTS General Discussions by cityrail-rulez

Alright, and one last thing, what about those met Comengs and or Hitachis. Did they suffer from that "scope creep" issue?
If you look at the downloads section you should find  ...

Well, I now know why the Google maps overlay will not completely work in TS20xx!

Google sent me an email saying that I need to add billing information, which I will be given a free 90 day trial of  ...

Posted 24 Nov 2021 22:09 in MSTS General Discussions by cityrail-rulez

Yes, it was completed about 6 or 7 years ago now Razz

Go to the downloads page and download the patch update Smile

After finally getting my Google maps API key sorted out so that I could enable the Google Maps overlay in Train Simulator route editor using CTRL + G to switch it on. I was excited I got it working, b ...

To answer your question! Yes

Go here: [url=]The MSTS Forum For Australia

I can confirm the models are there in the downloads section ...

Thanks mate!

Really strange I did not even find that link you've provided, really appreciate it Smile

Just curious! How do you use Open Rails Multiplayer mode?

I have already made myself a username. But what do I host as "Client or Server" ? And would other Open Rails players be able to join? Do ot ...

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven't been keeping this up to date! I've been giving it some thought and I will not be distributing my models due to the following reasons

1) No sounds, other than my own  ...

Exactly what the title is saying. I noticed when uploading a screenshot Photobucket was asking me to pay premium to host the screenshot and I was hoping if Railpage could please add an imaging hosting ...

Posted 29 Jul 2021 21:45 in MSTS 3D by cityrail-rulez

I really hate to ask, but I need some help with texturing my QGR 1800 Class Railmotor for use in MSTS/OR and TS20xx

I have seemed to lost touch making textures Sad although I've really never been tha ...

This is a great idea but wouldn't it be better if the proposed corridor was to link between Fassifern and Kurri Kurri or Cessnock? This would allow passenger services to operate between Maitland and F ...

If you look at an exploded diagram of your model, it will show you where the clips are! I am assuming you do have an exploded diagram? If not contact Eureka Models and they maybe able to assist you


Looking good, Marek Cool
Left me speechless! The youtuber is Tony Nicholls [url=]Tony Nicholls - YouTube I am waiting for him to complete ...

Is there another source that you could use?
None at all mate

The youtuber is the best help I've really got, I can understand he takes his time! But I can be a bit impatien ...

Hi everyone

I've returned back to square one on all of these projects for TS20xx! I've made so many mistakes and the youtuber I rely on for useful tutorials hardly ever keeps things up to date and  ...

Hopefully a good chance, MSTS would work on Windows 11. I miss playing MSTS! I still have unfinished projects for both TSM and MSTS and some I have to restart because I lost an entire backup drive not ...

As Microsoft has introduced the upcoming release of Windows 11, some time this year! I was wondering if MSTS including OpenRails will run on Windows 11?

At this stage I have my doubts since MSTS do ...

Not really!

The Canberra Xplorer is an express service and the Goulburn Endeavour is a limited/express or all stations service

You might as well electrify the line to Canberra

Not to mention bo ...

We understand it is as frustrating for us too.

Should be fixed now.


For how long for, we just don't know! Smile
I can understand how frustrating it is for you mate as well as  ...
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