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Thanks heaps Marek Smile
Really appreciate your advice mate Cool I will give it a shot and see what I can come up with in Blender and work it out in TSM

I did try using the cylinder without the e ...

G'day everyone!

Just looking for some advice on how to make those old fashioned oval type roofs on passenger carriages

in either Blender or TSM

I'm really stuck on making them!

Regards, Phil


Could this be enough people to finally get the line electrified from Campbelltown to Canberra?! I wonder!

The Australian Government's promise, was to electrify the line from Campbelltown to Canberr ...

Posted 12 Oct 2020 10:21 in MSTS General Discussions by cityrail-rulez

[quote=DAV01]Does anyone know if the Team-Alco Payware is still available anywhere? Their email address is inactive. I wish I had bought their Spirit of Progress set years ago!


Geoff[/q ...

Services for defence personnel or immigrants to Kapooka and/or RAAF Base Wagga, perhaps?
There were no such services to Kapooka or to Wagga RAAF Base "Forest Hill"

The only se ...

Posted 03 Sep 2020 15:17 in News by cityrail-rulez

And Gladys should be legally removed from power and office after slandering the state of which she is residing Premier of! By saying that NSW Doesn't build good trains, that's slander!!! It's like bac ...

[quote=RTT_Rules][quote]I thought I should add in!

Not all car's at any railway station carparks are commuter or worker vehicles, many car's you'll find are people who use to abuse the carparks spa ...

I thought I should add in!

Not all car's at any railway station carparks are commuter or worker vehicles, many car's you'll find are people who use to abuse the carparks spaces simply because it's  ...

I know this thread is old, but I have a suggestion!

Why doesn't Open Rails move over to Unreal Engine 4 or higher? I have been messing around with Unreal Engine 4 for the past few months during qua ...

Quote: Welcome to the NBN Australia ! LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing

It will never happen full stop!

In my opinion, the only way the Murwillumbah branch could be reopened unless extending the line to Tweed Heads and building a freight terminal for exporting goods "T ...

[quote=superheatedsteam][quote]I am making a route for MSTS (Waurn ponds to Footscray), what should I know? Are there any tips big route makers know that i should?

Thank you[/quote]

Have you re ...

Posted 15 Apr 2020 22:45 in MSTS Routes by cityrail-rulez

[quote=marvin]Hi boomgates. The [b]Epping platform problem[/b] was mentioned by a very frustrated poster ([url=]silvertrain80) in the thread "How to get MSTS Melb ...

Ok, I made some changes to the peninsula corridor route with the route editor and I want to change the route back to default but I can't, PLEASE HELP ME, SOMEBODY Mad
There are  ...

[quote=boomgatez]Hello, I am 9-10 years old, And I recently downloaded the connex comeng for MSTS/Open Rails and I have read the readme text file, It say's launch the 'exe file' and I scatterd all ove ...

does anyone use MSTS anymore?
I still use MSTS on my Windows 7 laptop! However, MSTS is installed on my Windows 10 laptop so I use Open Rails for simming which I haven't played MSTS ...

Hello everyone, I'm looking for some high speed trains to play on however most are really old and don't work very well anymore.
What you see is what you get! MSTS is qui ...

[quote=MyNameIsUglyFace]Ok, let me start by saying, I'm a bit stupid. It takes me a while to get the hang of things bad I'm more a visual learner. Are there any in depth tutorials to easily make a rea ...

Posted 16 Jan 2020 22:35 in Queensland by cityrail-rulez

We're into the last two weeks of school holidays, not long to go.
I don't even attend school LaughingLaughingLaughing I'm 36 with stress!

Posted 16 Jan 2020 22:33 in Queensland by cityrail-rulez

......... try decaf    Smile
HAHA LaughingLaughing That one sounds good! Although I'm a tea drinker, but maybe decaf tea would help relax my mind Smile
I'm sorry to everyone for being such a ...

Posted 14 Jan 2020 20:39 in Queensland by cityrail-rulez

[quote=tazzer96][quote]I'm not some GOD DAMN terrorist Queensland Rail! [/quote]For one, that's something a terrorist would probably say.

Secondly , I did once find the external schematics for the DT ...

Posted 13 Jan 2020 18:07 in Queensland by cityrail-rulez

[quote=justapassenger]These simulator projects seem to be causing you much more aggravation than enjoyment. I would suggest stepping away for a bit and doing something you enjoy, then come back to it ...

Posted 12 Jan 2020 15:11 in Queensland by cityrail-rulez

G'day everyone,

I have a question in regards to the heights for both Queensland Rail Tilt Trains, Does anyone know at all? I think I have asked this question a number of times here on Railpage! I can ...

I have Autism, so I need to make sure about the staff, how loud and busy each class is like, disabled toilets, etc.
First class, seat A 01.

You're welcome.


Th ...

I will surely miss my VX Commodore Sad it may not be much for a v6 but I loved it! I had to buy a Holden Cruze JH Sedan as my VX overheated too much and stuffed up the cooling system, I think this was ...

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