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Bringing up an old thread.

I have just returned from an "expedition" of like minded people to both Horseshoe and Peak Hill. Without going into great detail we found most of ...

Yep, I reckon that might be the option. Photography looks better from the other sided but beggars can't be choosers.

If you have a better image of the area that would very handy...flick it to me by e ...

10 years of no use and signage at the crossings is still as if it is an active line. Wonder why drivers get complacent around level crossings?

Has anyone visited this old tramway bridge over the Warren River?

Looks like it is now on private property and not easily walka ...

Posted 21 May 2014 17:59 in Western Australia by drwaddles

Pemberton Tramway doesn't run steam anymore, does it?

Posted 19 Jan 2014 14:23 in New South Wales by drwaddles

Confirmation that the footbridge will be demolished this FY:

[quote][color=#333333][size=3][font=Helvetica, ...

Thanks Wool Stores, that's great.

Something's happening out near the stadium:

Is this where some of the sidings are going?

Thanks guys. Now that I know what it is called, I was able to find something in a previous thread (searches for "Vasse Hwy" or even busselton tourist railway gave me nothing): ...

What was this place?

It still has very old tourist attraction signs up on both approaches, which is the only reason I spotted it.

did you ask the people in the picture if you could take their photo and then post it on the internet.
doggie15 is not required to ask permission, especially since the people are si ...

Am I'm right in assuming Australia's the only country in the world where railways are still declining while every  one else is bringing them back ?

Posted 21 Apr 2013 20:25 in Western Australia by drwaddles

[quote=1978Prime]I'm not so sure that large amounts of grain would be shipped by road instead of rail, at least not directly from farm to port. A few years ago`when I worked at a grain bin during the ...

Posted 20 Apr 2013 20:33 in South Australia by drwaddles

As soon as I saw this thread bumped, I just knew:

- Who it was

- That it was not worth reading the bump post and replies


Posted 20 Apr 2013 20:27 in Western Australia by drwaddles

[quote=crisfitz]Just because farmer Joe can transport his grain how ever he wants it doesn't mean much to rail.

In fact it will more likely result in more farmers using road transport, as the quant ...

Thanks SKVT - I am guess that WN12 of 33 is Weekly Notice No. 12 of 1933? So that would be around late March.

Reckon you're on the money Rodo, I have a similar photo but with a thick covering of frost on the ground from an early winter's morning.

URL tags are borked for me, e.g. this post:

Has an embedded link that turns into jibberish:

And we have a winner!

The former concrete sleeper depot at Meckering.

All yours!


Bastard - been eyeing off that place for a while but not had a chance to go in there yet.

Yeah I was thinking Spencers Brook.

The water pipeline is a clue as there can't be too many locations where the water supply runs next to a line with rails still intact in Wheatbelt WA.

I migh ...

[quote=David Peters]I fail to see how any one could be so stupid as to park or even try a U turn on a level crossing at all. Taking a whizz was he, he would not have left the local waterhole would he. ...

First of many history questions, no doubt.

Between Dowerin and Amery, [url=]here, was the line deviated to reduce grades? What era?

Well that makes a lot more sense Smile
Still a moron for choosing to do a u-turn on a fricken railway crossing though!

[quote=Car Hit by Train While Maryborough Man Answers Call of Nature]A Maryborough man's stop for a call of nature on Saturday night turned to disaster when his car was hit by a fully laden freight tr ...

Posted 16 Apr 2013 10:32 in The Lounge by drwaddles

It is OK if you don't mind watching a replay of the same scenery over and over again.
This is the main reason the IP has never really appealed to me. If I'm taking a trip o ...
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