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An Aurizon freight service left Rocky yesterday for Cairns via the Blackwater and Goonyella coal systems to bypass the damaged track.

Should have put Hunter and Qld coal assets to be disposed  of

Aurizon are buying the One Rail business and will dispose of the Hunter coal assets

Might be wrong but the delays as i understand them are due to problems dealing with packages in sorting centres and not in transporting stuff between locations.

Posted 27 Sep 2021 12:32 in Queensland by emerald-a

The line might  still run to Springsure but  last time i was down that way it had trees growing in the middle of the track and had unrepaired flood damaged sections.

The Grain depot there was a nig ...

Aurizon are starting to ramp up staff to begin moving grain  for Graincorp in the South West starting in a couple of months.

I believe PN has already started running an additional weekly freight between Townsville and Cairns due to increasing cement shipments from Cement Australia.
If I wasn't misinform ...

I wonder if it is purely cost related or if Watco's inability to ramp up services when required played a part.

The latter seems to be a gripe with Graincorp on their Queensland deal  as well if the ...

Says it covers all of CBH's rail needs so i presume it means they are replacing Watco completely

Posted 19 Jul 2021 17:31 in News by emerald-a

Seems like your view has changed 180° since the Acacia Ridge thread

What are Qube going to be hauling?

Posted 26 Jun 2021 14:31 in Queensland by emerald-a

For a destroyed loco  2471 looks surpringly ok sitting in the siding its in,  wonder if it has a bent chassis to cause it.

Interesting news at a time when the Government still hasn't sorted out a contract for moving cattle from next year onwards.

A group of big producers built a loading facility on the main line at Thallon a few years ago , so i would presume that it is coming from there.

Has anyone heard anything about Graincorp  approaching Aurizon to move grain in the South  West for them? .

Have heard a few murmurs to that effect.

The Spirit of the Outback currently shunts  Emerald in both directions to put off a second 2400 loco on the way west and then to reattach it on the easterly return due to the lack of available 1720's  ...

Posted 26 Feb 2021 00:42 in Queensland by emerald-a

I was told that the SOTO was no longer going to have a 1720 on it as QR no longer  had enough operational units for one to be used on it.

Posted 12 May 2020 20:41 in Queensland by emerald-a

The Gin at Yamala has a small spur line into it ,although it was last used a decade ago by a firm of removalists  to transfer  containers from train to truck.

Is Linfox planning on using the new facility or are they staying in the current location?


I have heard nothing about Linfox moving and find it hard to imagine a reason why ...

Seems like there might be an opportunity for The Ghan and potentially other services to take a share of the Cruise passenger market post Covid.

[quote=NSWGR8022][quote]I hope that it becomes a roaring success but i just don't see why having a facility 20 km's away from Emerald is magically going to improve freight loads on rail .

The Grai ...

I hope that it becomes a roaring success but i just don't see why having a facility 20 km's away from Emerald is magically going to improve  freight loads on rail .

The Graincorp side makes sense g ...

Seems highly convenient that after over a year of failing to build anything it is all the viruses fault that its delayed

The numbers quoted are too coarse to be useful, you  need the fine detail of where  people are travelling to.

If SoQ has a massive rise in passengers do you  need more services to Cairns? . Not if  ...

The line from Emerald to Longreach should reopen on Friday , Longreach to Winton is going to be closed for longer.

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