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Posted 30 Aug 2020 22:51 in South Australia by fairmont1998

[quote=Hovedale]I really don't see why people think the Belair line would close, it gets decent usage. Peak trains are full and need more carriages, hopefully when Gawler is electrified Belair gets th ...

Posted 30 Dec 2017 18:34 in South Australia by fairmont1998

Anyone know what the 30-40t crane was doing at Torrens Park railway station today?
Replacement of pedestrian subway.

Our stations are far too close together. Trains barely get to 50kmph before hitting the brakes for the next station 1km away.

Slight exaggeration. The trains go well over 50kph ...

Not common, but can be done if need be.

[quote=Circus_Animal]Apologies if this is a silly question or has already been discussed, but: I don't catch the train that often, and only use the Seaford line, but lately (maybe in the past few mont ...

[quote=Halo]Going by the reset of the trains converter when passing through Lonsdale I would suspect the substation has two zones. One from Seaford to Lonsdale. One from Lonsdale to Adelaide. If th ...

No single car consists anymore. Everything is 2+ cars.

[quote=CPH8]There is still some remnants of the Northfield branch. There is dual gauge rail across the Churchill Road North level crossing, with broad gauge rail to an industrial site alongside, and a ...

The diesel engine in the 3000/3100 class is always at the A end along with the trailer bogie. The motor bogie is at the B end.

Posted 08 Oct 2015 19:55 in South Australia by fairmont1998

[quote=Halo]Note on the 3000s the door closing beeps and announcement only happens if a door is actually opened.

Better still the train takes off much sooner if no doors were opened.

Also to no ...

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