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Hi guys I was talking too Peter berg about the new s sets yesterday they should have the final samples for Liverpool this year and if every thing looks good will go it too production so will be out by ...

Hi I was just looking at bergs Web site and I see they have a page just for brass and they seam too be cheaper  than there ebay site

I checked the link out for the Bob cars but now says ended but there other one now says a plus b so I guess was a data entry error as I have seen the guy who does there ebay work when I picked some st ...

Hi fellow modelers just got back from bergs hobbies after paying some money off my AD60 lay by and noticed they have the HO scale wooden trailers in now almost made get a set but as I am now into O sc ...

There a white metal kit I found it easy too build too

Berg still make the x200 I picked one up before switching too o scale

ops I mean o scale meeting I hate spell checkers

Yes I agree I had a great day was good too see bergs brass Ad60 in the flesh too and buy a few items and  compare the other Ad60 too looking forward too next one scale meeting more now

waiting at the show for the doors too open so I can get a good close up of bergs AD60 as Peter said that there display shows it off even better than what I have seen so far

hi guys here is a link too a new pic i have just seen on there blog page

hi guys stopped in today to  bergs and saw the samples of the AD60 boiler + bunkers and cab man it looks good they told me they are taking it too the Saturday show should be a eye opener lots of detai ...

Looks like bergs will have the pics at the expo too as I just stopped in at there shop tonight shaw them looks nice ready to just plonk it down and run good for us old blokes

wow just saw two new pics of the boiler of bergs new rtr AD60 on there blog site

They may start to build more nswgr locos we need more builders as there not enofe makers in the market yet

hi guys just for the record ad i hope this thread does not get locked or removed i just noticed that bergs blog has been up dated with some pics on there Garrett

here is the link

http://bergshob ...

hi can some one tell what shops or dealers will be there

As some who only buys a few things on e bay but has sold a lot of car  parts  . One think you have not taken in to account is the fact both e bay and pay-pal take a good in total  10%off you when u se ...

Bergs e bay shop must be doing something right look at there feed back they selling heaps like 410 feed back must not be too bad i mostly go it there shop as i look first then buy my self

i have spoke too peter berg and its not made in India at all so i think your info is a bit wrong

Search found 19 matches

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