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Posted 12 Jul 2013 04:27 in The Lounge by franfran

[quote=Watson374]I guess it means that a [url=,_New_South_Wales]certain locality in the Hills District is invisible.

It's a plot by the Mossad :O[/quote]I s ...

Leu + Ra = Leura ?
Yes it is.  Over to you....

Sorry for the slight delay there....

Let's see how long this one lasts: South-eastern European currency put before a god.

Thanks, NBM.

It sounds tinitinnabulous.

Posted 30 Jun 2013 00:51 in The Lounge by franfran

There was a tailor in Surry Hills (or maybe still is - I haven't been around that part of town for a while) who had a sign made from a board with adhesive lettering on it hanging from the wall.  Among ...

Posted 28 Jun 2013 22:57 in The Lounge by franfran

Here's a photo I took a few years ago of a backpacker hostel that was up for sale. The positioning of the sign perhaps could have been a bit better....

[img] ...


One of my favourite 1920s recordings in my collection is a Parlophone 78 with a piano solo by Earl Hines called "57 Varieties" (rather corny joke I know) on one side and "Skip the Gutter" by Louis Arm ...

I really love "Don't bring Lulu" by Bennie Kruger (1925) - the best version is by Bennie Kruger.
I have a couple of vocal versions of that - one is a Zonophone 78 sung by Bil ...


Just an afterthought - I find myself listening to 2CH a fair bit too.....

Actually I find that most (but not all) of the music I like does come from an earlier era - in particular the late 20s/early 30s and the 50s through to the early 60s.  The fact that those who listened ...

I can't place that one in my mental map at all... SSS for my personal interest where is that in relation to Wentworthville (i.e.up/down side, to the city/country)?
I was going to ...

The closest place to Pendle Hill I can think of that looks anything like that is Parramatta Park.

Are you serious.



Damn tricky getting to view that one
Impossible would be a better description.  If I click on the link I get a page that disappears before I can see what's on it, followed by a blan ...

[color=#282828][size=2][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]I use public transport fairly regularly, and I was looking forward to the opening of the railway to the Hills, but if it's going to be driverl ...

Well, that one didn't last long did it?  Ivanhoe it is.  Over to you.....

"Evil Nun Motel"
Sounds like an old fashioned Catholic girls' school...

All right then. Next: 12th century Wilfred out west.

Mount Neville

Fee = toll

Bill of Fare = menu

Creeper = vine

Out the front in Eddy AvesecondedThirded.I used to walk past this twice every weekday for about four years or more.....Have they changed the door?

Just a guess - Campbelltown?

I mentioned these cuts elsewhere and someone commented that "NSW currently has more than 200 rail maintenance depots, which compares to just eight in Victoria".  Is that right?  Does NSW really hav ...

Not Leppington but, yes, it is St Leonards.....

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