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How does a battery become overcharged when regulators are installed to ensure this does not happen.

[url=/news/s/overcharged-light-rail-vehicle-battery]Overcharged light rail vehicle battery

I thought fuel is being failed on the line to mount ISA

Posted 02 Dec 2020 17:00 in Victoria by freightgate

It is great to see Ballarat her extra services to assist with overcrowding issues. We’re there any changes announced for the  Maryborough and Ararat lines ?

Sydney port must be booming.

[url=/news/s/nsw-government-expands-port-botany-container-storage]NSW Government expands Port Botany container storage

Remember reading about the first trains between China and Europe a few years and ago and now look at the growth. Rail done properly works well.

They had quite a few for sale when you read the story good on em.

Posted 24 Nov 2020 17:32 in Victoria by freightgate

Southern NSW a looking excellent PN have a task ahead of them and so does Qube.

How much gratin will be emerald related and head south to Appleton dock ?

The thinking should be transport options and investment to build up the facility. Take Sydney second airport already a partner the plan. Melbourne should put the line in place now so it can support th ...

Credit where due this budget is very good.

It has energy policy in motion and transport upgrades being rail.

It has caring for people and public housing.

If you wondered what a progressive ...

$28b into the Sydney metro leaves a $2.2b investment in suburban metro in Melbourne in the dust. 

Amazing investment in Sydney will will bring benefits and investment from business.

Good pickup

So the feds provide the money and the project does not proceed. We have seen this before in Victoria.

Yeah it’s a puzzle when you think about all the lines available.

Makes me think about other lines in NSW who have very infrequent passenger services.

For a night shot that camera is amazing.

There is a term now called state capture being thrown about recently. It is where a government is receiving so many bribes and other contributions from big business decisions made by the government ar ...

Thought the line to Kandos had closed or suspended was this a special move ?

[url=/news/s/inaugural-golden-west-rail-tour-makes-overnight-stop-in-kandos]Inaugural Golden West Rail Tour makes overnigh ...

Could the two tunnel boring machines be reused for the suburban tail loop cutting down times to deploy tunnels for the project or could they just keep going and get started on metro 2 ?

Got your glasses on bevans but good photos and thanks for sharing.

Does seem like Vast over reaction to a few cases in Adelaide. Why the need to ruin the travel plans of many for a few cases.

We need to learn to live with this virus for


Posted 13 Nov 2020 18:57 in News by freightgate

This hydrogen business is a flash in the pan. Costs a lot of energy to make the hydrogen so where is the benefit in carbon emission reductions ?

Renewable power in overhead is the ultimate solution ...

That is the point bevans the airport would have benefited the passengers would have.  Emeritus and Sydney people would have benefited.

The train journey from Canberra to Sydney would be quicker th ...

Posted 13 Nov 2020 18:41 in The Lounge by freightgate

Is there another link about this deep state business ?

Yet another benefit which could be real issues if Australia built high speed rail between capitals of Melbourne and Sydney and Brisbane. 

The project already have started.

I have never understood this western Sydney project. Why build an airport for a cost of $10b and then spend $8b on a rail line when a high speed line could have been built to Canberra with an airport  ...

Posted 11 Nov 2020 20:55 in New South Wales by freightgate

Whitehaven operate in the gunnedah basin which I think is high quality coal. So this would be I think the coal would be for

Coming and not power stations so why are some shareholders after rising tod ...

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