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What are they hoping to achieve unless the decision has been made and they know the party ?

Those truck drivers and owners are not going to appreciate the ban and may need to consider moving to rail.

Time to look more to electrification in Australia dor the main interstate routes like wa ...

Queensland and Victoria and NSW now experiencing passenger growth in country services ?

Why are people against increasing the speed in the line ?

Obvious pleople want the service and they want to use the train so speed it up and make it easy to use and it will grow more.

Being driven by the new rail freight department ?

Truly fab news this.

Hopefully they can get someone into do the work and get it running. Qube might be interested.

I would rather see SSR ta ...

How does that happen?

We have seen it before at Swan Hill very deaths and western Victoria.

What train was it please ?

Protected or unprotected crossing ?

[url=/news/s/truck-and-train-collide-at-level-crossing-near-bribbaree]Truck and train collide at level crossing near Bribbaree

Posted 19 Feb 2020 11:00 in The Lounge by freightgate

I recall my FJ still a great car.

Are the freight alliance getting any projects completed in Victoria ?

The Mildura line has many restrictions and capacity issues Maryborough not finished as insufficient storage roads. 

Operato ...

Dandenong line looks awful no wonder people are complaining. Wonder what cline stats would say for lines?

[url=/news/s/think-your-local-tram-train-service-is-constantly-late]Think Your Local Tram & T ...

Why is multi not used to Maryborough today ?

Is myki used on buses in the area ?

Would the government so wider extending the rail services to the east and not to the north to get more people on  ...

Velocity sets are aweful and not good for 3 hour travel tines. We do not want this junk for Albury and now we see warnnambool the same view. 

They are bottom of the barrel rubbish talked up by a m ...

Posted 10 Feb 2020 13:28 in Victoria by freightgate

Started today yes.

Posted 10 Feb 2020 13:27 in News by freightgate

Delivered as an increase in bulk which probably means coal is up aso they get from

Access and their own shipments. 

Coal just keeps the company growing.

Is there anyone not wanting or advocating for a tunnel between the city and sunshine for this project ?

When will the premier stop stalling and starting moving this state forward rather than taking ...

Those seats look very comfortable as does do the amenities. I would like to see these services in the Albury line. If there are insufficient seats then more trains would be the best bet or longer trai ...

Posted 08 Feb 2020 13:03 in Victoria by freightgate

Does Jacinta Allan list at all to the people in the know about where funds for rail lines are needed. She does an amazing job of sticking her head in the sand.

Truly sad and worrying for passengers in the train and those thinking about using the service. The train derailed at the points so was it going too fast for the switch to the other truck ?

Posted 08 Feb 2020 12:56 in The Lounge by freightgate

The illegal use of robodebt to intimidate the single mothers, employment seekers, pensioners and other disadvantaged by the government further plot with the liberal party knowing it was illegal.

T ...

Posted 08 Feb 2020 12:54 in RTSA by freightgate

We all wait in anticipation of the information we hope will all follow.

Posted 05 Feb 2020 12:28 in Victoria by freightgate

The new traffic identified for line deactivation is timber related.

Hamilton sands should be added to that.

Posted 04 Feb 2020 18:51 in Victoria by freightgate

The problem being they do not care if they run trains or buses.

Has become the norm for the Albury line once proud and well managed.

Not under james pinder

Posted 04 Feb 2020 18:13 in Victoria by freightgate

Two problems I see

1 western access to and from the Mildura line is required and to the port of Portland.  Either make it easy via Avoca or via Murray ville to ADELAIDE line. Avoca sounds better an ...

Posted 04 Feb 2020 18:07 in The Lounge by freightgate

Australian bosnlanded at Christmas Island and New Zealand peoples are going to be quarantined in their country st an army base.

Will the new rails be dual gauge ?

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