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Melbourne's first real hot day for awhile - interesting to see how the trains will cope.

Metro's LiveService Updates already showing quite a few disruptions...

Posted 05 Nov 2010 22:26 in Melbourne suburban by fullofrubbish

Posted 19 Oct 2010 23:08 in Victoria by fullofrubbish

I've started using myki regularly over metcard now, but being primarily a tram user i'm having trouble accessing enough top-up facilities - i don't often pass a train station nor do i particularly wan ...

Posted 11 Oct 2010 22:07 in Melbourne suburban by fullofrubbish

First weekday on the new timetable. First experiences of new/changed services? Teething problems?

Posted 28 Aug 2010 11:19 in Melbourne suburban by fullofrubbish

Well we aren't that far away from Spring Carnival, so if they did want the X-traps available, could be some work happening soon to make those minors mods then.

Posted 24 Aug 2010 21:49 in Victoria by fullofrubbish

By the sound of the whistle, a Siemens is out doing Upfield runs tonight. Don't often get six car trains beyond 7.30 out this way.

Just thought i'd share a quote from Brumby in one of the many press releases over the past few days:

“Since we completed the Regional Fast Rail project there has been a renaissance in regional ra ...

Put simply, do you put a station into an area that is already served by two other stations to allow for connections, or do you put the station in a new area where there is the potential to grow the ma ...

Posted 29 Jun 2010 22:39 in Victoria by fullofrubbish

It's not an hour drive from Sale to Traralgon!!

You sure you just weren't seeing 86's up until Gertrude??

Posted 16 Jun 2010 20:00 in Victoria by fullofrubbish

From the post at the top of the page:

"Ultimately because they're not being closed now [level crossings], the trains will have to go slower and be speed restricted for safety reasons"

That's a p ...

Posted 01 Jun 2010 13:53 in Victoria by fullofrubbish

Why would anyone accept Deer Park frequency when they could drive a bit further to Albion? Or why not drive the entire way in hey!!

Posted 28 May 2010 19:44 in Victoria by fullofrubbish

IIRC VLP were looking at putting on a third train each way on Sundays , but have gone quiet on it recently .

Now that VLP have a lot of extra new cars, and with a State Election approaching one wou ...

Posted 17 May 2010 19:22 in Melbourne suburban by fullofrubbish

Do they run the Belgrave/Lilydale trains straight on to Alamein when they have bustitution between Camberwell - Ringwood?

While I'm thinking about it, do other suburban railways in Australia / Overseas have similar agreements about drivers not doing one more than one return run on a line per day?

However, it is principally driven by industrial agreements - especially the requirement that (with some exceptions for shuttles) drivers do not operate more than one out and back trip on any line duri ...

Could someone please tell me what tests they do?

Is there any spelling/grammer and is the maths hard?

You could start by learning to spell grammar

..I'm sure that the majority can re-schedule to a cooler day.

Yeah I dunno who'd be wanting to be a passenger tomorrow on PB even if it was running by choice! I'm debating whether or not I even hea ...

Posted 10 Jan 2010 22:16 in Melbourne suburban by fullofrubbish

...and when a train is delayed by 15 minutes or more, the Minister for Transport must be notified ASAP.

Imagine how often Kosky's phone would be going off!

Sounds like it's because since RFR what used to be the citybound platform is now used for Bendigo bound trains in the morning, which is the side with the booking office and other facilities.

Poor R ...

Posted 05 Jan 2010 20:14 in Melbourne suburban by fullofrubbish

Has there being more noticable traffic on the Glen Waverley line this week by people trying to avoid the Blackburn-Mitcham shutdown?

Spotted BS215 on the back on FN13 around 1600 on Saturday at Nth Melbourne (midday up Albury service I think)

Posted 22 Dec 2009 20:41 in Victoria by fullofrubbish

I'm currently on concession (low income) but sometimes during the part yearly i may have the concession removed due to earning too much in that period.

Centrelink tells you to destroy the card, but t ...

...Don't forget that the last few V/Line timetable updates have gone and changed their arrive times so that their targets are still met...

Morning up Shep has gone from 0710 to 0657 with the same s ...

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