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Stanwell Park

For a learned discussion about the museum's charitable status see, from page 48: ...

Bingo! Spotlight on Faredodger.

Shakespearean heroine to be admired.

Crows Nest.

They still exist on icebreakers -

For a railroad laugh, see also ...

[quote=georges]For guide to marker lights see There was no lower RH light, as viewed from the track. That space was originally occupied by the whistle, ...

I can see the photographic evidence for myself, but the 5yo boy who saw it is crying "whhhaaaa, bullshi*t!"  That's not how I remember it.  I was a lovely child.

I am sorry to have und ...

Just got involuntarily logged out three times after starting to post in NSW forums.

[quote=djf01]My grandparents lived on the East Hills line. I remember the five white lamps that encoded the destinations (someone will remind me what they are called, I'm sure). Three across the top ...

Posted 09 May 2021 18:14 in The Lounge by georges

[url=]The Unfinished Chinese Civil War. An interesting take (September 2020) from the Lowy Institute.

Thanks very much for sharing some amazing photos in there.
Glad you liked them. There are many interesting sites lurking on the web. It sometime takes good luck to chance upo ...

[url=]The David Hey collection of BR steam and diesel loco photographs from the ...

Posted 16 Apr 2021 11:00 in New South Wales by georges

[quote=icdog]The disabled community was extensively consulted in the design stage of this Train and, by the way,love it.

This Train is the most DSAPT compliant of any Train in Australia.

Thank goodn ...

Posted 14 Apr 2021 10:04 in New South Wales by georges

[quote=tonyp]The arrangements in the end compartments for people who can't, or don't want to, climb stairs are abysmal. The Oscars, for all their faults, at least had a decent amount of longitudinal s ...

Posted 08 Apr 2021 18:07 in New South Wales by georges

[quote=WimbledonW][size=3]The Camden Railway (Tramway) has been well researched over the years. The only significant thing outstanding is the level crossing of the Hume Highway at Narellan, which was ...

Posted 05 Apr 2021 10:58 in New South Wales by georges

[quote=303gunner]The Berejiklian Government has announced that the New Intercity Fleet (previously known as "NIF"), will now be named the "Mariyung".

This an Aboriginal name for "Emu". I thought it ...

Posted 05 Apr 2021 10:46 in New South Wales by georges

Another Easter resurrection.

I recently stumbled across “[url=]The Story of the New South Railways” by E. C. Rowland, publishe ...

Brief summary of Report here: Contains footnotes as well as 'Related Data'. Latter consists of links to summaries (only) of sub ...

[quote=M636C][quote]Does anyone know any history of this bridge? A quick look at Google Maps Street View from Silo Road appears to show brick sides, underpinned by steel work.[/quote]The bridge would ...

Posted 28 Mar 2021 18:40 in Sydney Suburban by georges

Reluctant to start a new thread.

S28 ran through Turramurra at 11.00 yesterday without stopping. No passengers!

Any way we can see some of the photos please ?

An interesting older overview (published1935) of articulated steam locos -

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