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Posted 20 Jan 2022 21:46 in Operators by greasyrhys

Will be surprised if X31 doesn’t make an appearance or more to the steel plant.

Another surprise saw 3MB9 leave Laverton on Tuesday with EL55-EL60-EL62 in charge.

Whatever the reasons for the regular push-backs of reopening is not good enough.

After the Pelton coal service ceased, the future of most of the EL's was unknown. But most of the class have been active this year, with 51 (1rail grain); 53, 55, 60, 61 (SCT, 61 still under repair),  ...

Possible hotbox could’ve caused it

A long shot but provided PN still have BG traffic in Victoria in say 5 years time, could some nr’s end up on the wider gauge? I don’t think their current bogies can be gauge converted but could BG ...

SCT’s new ‘pride & joy’ (CSR013 & CSR014) got their first taste of the Adelaide Hills on 3/10/2021 (leading 6PM9 & being taken off at Tailem Bend). Two days later the same duo were added to the  ...

Yet another interesting 6KA9 ran on 10/9/2021, this time CLF4 was given a shot at leading. Signal issues between Kaniva & Coomandook delayed the train but got some shots which are below:

Cooke Plai ...

Another interesting SCT working ran on 27/8/2021, some photos of 6KA9 with locos EL60-CLF4-CLF2-EL63 in charge of a light load:

Kanmantoo ...

An extra 6KA9 with EL60-EL62-CLF2 ran from Dooen to Adelaide on 23/7, hardly anyone saw it due to the lockdown.

Posted 25 Jul 2021 14:01 in South Australia by greasyrhys

Okay dokie, Samish topic.

I've heard mumblings that one of the 700s is heading to steamranger.

Been confirmed within the last 9 days that 704 has been acquired by them, ...

Here are my shots of 2MP9 on 20/7/2021, enjoy. I would've got video too if not for the vile wind on the day.

Tailem Bend yard ...

Not good

Maybe pushers would lessen the chance of pulled drawgears? But they would need at least one extra crew member

[quote=bingley hall]They obviously forgot the ELs today - total disruption in the Adelaide Hills caused by 5MP9 - three other trains delayed for 6 hours or more and The Overland by approx one hour.


No worries. Here’s another YT video this time of 2MP9 near Callington on 6/7/2021, EL60’s 7FDL-12 making a nice sound: [url=]

There have been a few instances of EL's leading MP9 as far as Penfield since early June 2021 to ensure the trains do not stall in the Adelaide Hills, which of course SCT are well known for doing. EL62 ...

Hope the crew recovers, very frustrating that some road drivers have little to no patience & try to beat a train over a crossing

Did anyone get footage ‘up the straight’ on the outbound? Would’ve sounded great climbing Ingliston Bank. Bet attention was on the other pass with S313 instead ????

Posted 21 Feb 2021 20:52 in South Australia by greasyrhys

Has much grain been received around Hamersley Bridge ?

If you mean Hamley Bridge, then none by rail. I can't give any info for grain received for that town.

4112s ex Por ...

I would’ve scrapped nr80 instead of fixing it

No doubt SCT are having some real problems lately, so many late trains.

Posted 12 Nov 2020 12:29 in South Australia by greasyrhys

1451s today went out as gwa001-CLF6-gwb102, middle loco under test

Posted 11 Nov 2020 12:56 in South Australia by greasyrhys

1513s was reported through Chidda around 11:25pm with gwu008-CLP17 bound for Gladstone

Posted 10 Nov 2020 09:55 in South Australia by greasyrhys

1471s was reported past Parafield Gardens around 5:39am, only gwb102-gwa001 in charge

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