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Don't hold your breath Rossco, QR are doing it all internally at the moment.

Toowoomba filled with internal transfers.

Trainee drivers been called internally for Emerald and Roma.

No freight work in all depots.

Roma, Emerald and Townsville have been filled and are up and running. Cloncurry has been shelved for the time being, sorry to be the bearer of bad news Andrew.

Derailment is visible from Peak Downs Highway.

Posted 28 May 2014 18:06 in Queensland by gsxxxr_750

BMA have currently 3 consists running in the Goonyella system and another 60 new wagons stowed at Caval Ridge.

Apparently BMA have placed their train operations on the market but not sure how true t ...

Posted 28 Dec 2013 04:16 in Queensland by gsxxxr_750

No mention of them losing the Coles contract in their media release.

PN have two coal consists parked up in Moranbah with some brand new locos that have been sitting there for a while now.

Posted 14 Nov 2013 05:36 in Queensland by gsxxxr_750

The BMA test trains were running as a 124 wagon consists (1/42 1/42 1/40) same as Aurizons new Goonyella consists.

2 trainee driver schools are currently underway in coal north.

[quote="Expost"]And I have also been told, that with regards the current TCA negotiations for Aurizon, Aurizon has said to the particular union that was involved the negotiations with BMA, that if its ...

Have seen a copy of their new agreement (it was printed out and left in our meal room) it looks to have been signed off by the RTBU.

No overtime if overtime worked you will get time off in lieu, so ...

They spent 3 days interviewing candidates for trainee drivers jobs in one of their Qld coal depots a week or so ago.

Posted 06 Apr 2013 08:39 in Australian Rail Employment by gsxxxr_750

Don't hold you breath for Jilalan jobs the vacancies are mainly in the outer depots (Coppabella and Bluff). Just recently they were still asking Jilalan drivers to permanently transfer to Coppabella.

Hence the reason the VP has moved on, but then again I think they used the VER to get rid of some targeted people.

Plenty of positions available to be filled in my current depot, we have just had a couple of casuals start. Manager wants more full timers ASAP.

Posted 03 Oct 2012 21:01 in Queensland by gsxxxr_750

Hey Expost, it doesn't matter which remote you start up first as long as its done before the lead one.

Posted 02 Oct 2012 02:03 in Queensland by gsxxxr_750

Yeah PN will be running their electric sets in the 1 in 40 set up (loco 40 wagons loco 40 wagons loco 40 wagons). It has to do with servicing at Waitara a train will go in and they will take off one l ...

Posted 25 Jul 2012 09:30 in Queensland by gsxxxr_750

They run with the 120 wagon consist with 2 7100s on the front and the remote 40 wagons back.

Posted 24 Jun 2012 19:05 in Queensland by gsxxxr_750

The railmotors spent Wednesday to Friday doing route tuition in the Goonyella system. They were stowed in Coppabella for a couple of nights.

Posted 23 May 2012 19:06 in Queensland by gsxxxr_750

All the 3300/3400s are stored.

Try Coppabella there is nearly always trains sitting there empty or loaded. Plenty of clear access from the road to the empty trains without entering the corridor.

P.N have been doing a lot of shunt ...

Posted 25 Apr 2012 20:27 in Queensland by gsxxxr_750

All trains in the Goonyella system has to have at least one 3800 on it otherwise they can't load the whole train. Not sure if it's 7 or 9 wagons that has to be left empty, it's been awhile since been  ...

Posted 25 Apr 2012 17:01 in Queensland by gsxxxr_750

3116 is the one and only 3100 converted to a 3700 class. It's running around now as 3763 being the last one to be converted.

3700s are mainly used as second or remote loco in the Goonyella system wi ...

Posted 22 Apr 2012 12:42 in Queensland by gsxxxr_750


I think this is going to be long term if at all. With the current downturn due to weather conditions, strikes and losing contracts it looks like there could be surplus drivers in certain coal depots.


Have heard they have cancelled a couple of schools for Jilalan and Callemondah.

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