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Odd that Auscision didn't announce a loco for this set, yet...

Still going?

While the issues you point out are comprehensive, I cannot see many - if any being addressed in the loco that will soon appear on shelves

Recent marketing strategies may even see a price rise after ...

Thank you A6. Appears that you get what you pay for

Now that release is imminent, what’s the general consensus on quality of this loco? Would it be perhaps of a similar level to the Wombat C30T?

At $300 it might be a reasonable gamble, not so much ...

RPA traffic appears to be slowly decaying across several topics but I didn't think that I would be the first to raise this significant anniversary. Enjoy

Pretty quiet

Go Chy-nah

Your selling tactics are sound but unfortunately timing is everything on eBay. The only other possible alternative may have been to attach a higher starting bid, or reserve which may have then ended i ...

"Oh look at this - would you bel...", "Ohhh bloody hell"

Posted 01 Jun 2020 01:30 in New South Wales by gw0071

...and what about multiplexed headlights...

Posted 28 May 2020 09:23 in New South Wales by gw0071

Thank you Bevan

Is it normal for the trailing unit to have its headlights on?

Terriffic, more items of no personal interest while I'm out of work - excellent news all round

It did not occur to me that thirty years had passed since this tragic event

I was disturbingly close to being involved in this incident. I recall travelling back to Sydney on this afternoon on an a ...

Looks like I got my Bat Signals mixed up Poath

Glad I missed it in hindsight, stimulus packages don't seem to extend into this pursuit

Well that's a surprise

I wonder if this spells the end of the traditional last minute warning for early bird prices?

Probably academic considering the current economic climate

Consulation cou ...

Is it a beefed-up Lima model?

Brave or foolish?

We all have the potential to make erroneous statements, be misunderstood or taken out of context. What I admire about A6 - apart from a wealth of experience, exposure and knowledge of NSWR is his disp ...

When did the last suburban goods tour go out that way - 2006/7?

Fair speeds for scrap

Great footage. Thank you for sharing

Looks like there's a few bidders who want it more than you

Starting bid reasonable, well done to the seller

Bravo Billy Baxter

You've singlehandedly saved this thread from the Lorna Jane Memorial Day Care Facility

I guarantee that certain entrepreneurial members of the community put a hell of a lot of thought into this unfortunate outcome

The horse has bolted and the money's in the bank

A well balanced, refined and unbiased observation

Did you happen to note the irony in the choice of venue for the 'last chance to get on board' meeting - one of the very business houses allegedly s ...

SDS have been very quiet, their advantage may be reduced to supplying unpowered versions...

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